Star Wars AT-AT

I guess pretty much everyone has made one, but i just had too. =)

Still have a long way to go, and i need to learn how to UV unwrap and stuff aswell, so we’ll see how it goes =)
And i always forget to turn down the amount of loops on the cylinders, so there’s a silly amount of vertices there…

Looks good, you might look at the tutorials of using vertex paint to get the grunge at the edges when you start painting.

Yes, i saw that thread about UV’s and displacement, need to try to work that in, looks great =) I will look into vertex painting aswell, as of now, i have no idea what that is =)

Have done a bit more work, tried some lasers in the compositor.

You schould make the texture much smaller and maybe use it as normal mat too. But i prefer procedural textures. Maybe you would like to try to create a cloud texture and change the basis to cell noise and check by the influence geometry too.

The green lasers looks good. The red ones are too broad.

The model looks good. What really helps by this kind of model is to reuse parts of the hull details.