Star Wars - Blender Fx

Hi blender Artist,

My last clip about Star Wars this time…
Soon the new Movie ! yes !


The Blender Force be with you :cool:

where did you get all the assets from?

Game rips. I can tell by the texture alone. The only problem is that the animation is too slow and it doesn’t move naturally.

I use bhv for animation, it’s a little bit slow but i have a lot of fun doing this clip (the ^smoke/voice and ambiance)
For character, i took them on SCI-FI 3D, like i mention at the end…

I created this last week in Blender (no python used). Comments/questions welcome.

You might want to post this in the game engine section of the site.

enjoy my last 3D clip of star wars (next to the first), space battle !

third episode…