Star Wars fan film! - team needed!

Greetings everyone!

We have started making a star wars fan series.

So far, we have done something, but, it is going too slow due to the fact that there are very little of us working on the project. So we came here seeking help!

The story takes place a little before and during the game SW the old republic. This is a loose adaptation, so, it won’t be exactly as things go in the game, but it will be recognizable.

We want to finish the pilot as soon as possible, it will last up to 5 minutes.

Here are some pictures of the work we have done so far…

Of course, there is more pictures, but we can upload only 3 per post.

We need, anyone who can do terrain modeling and texturing, rigging, character modeling, and animating.

Thanks for your time! :smiley:

Is that the Character from SIntel on the first Image? :eyebrowlift:

Erm… Nope :smiley: It’s funny how a lot people say that, but it really isn’t. I’ll change the face a little to avoid the confusion.

More pictures (:

Unfinished republic shuttle

I have more experience in hard-surface than anything else. However, I do have some (not much) skill in character modelling and nodes. I’m also a SWTOR fan, so I’ll pitch in if you want.

Do you have some sort of central team page with abouts, faqs, volunteer info, and other stuff?

Yeah, that first image, the hunter, is definitely from Sintel. The face is a dead giveaway. However, no points against you since the model itself is open source.

Nope, that’s not Sintel. Were making an original star wars animation, with our own characters and models. I’ll post another render from a different angle just for it to be notable that it isn’t Sintel. :slight_smile:

Not yet, since we have just started. We plan of making a forum or something where we will be doing stuff. Were gonna need help with droids of different sorts, and for details for starships and fighters. If you are interested, just pm me. :slight_smile:

Here’s a different angle (:

It still looks like her. So what exactly do you need on your team?

We need character modelers and terrain modelers the most, right now. Sorry it took me a long time to reply.

How are you collaborating, is there a web sight where people can signup?

Ahh yes, Quite recently we made a forum, where we will do all of our stuff. Here it is • Index page :smiley: