Star Wars game

I was just in the mood for Star Wars, so I took the opportunity to work on my level design specifically. I am trying to make intelligent 3rd person AI that can interact with the environment.

Han Solo and Chewbacca were delivering spice to the Pikes when the Pikes were raided by pirates, the Pikes immediately assume you betrayed them and capture Chewbacca. They claim they will release Chewbacca if you will run some high priority, high danger jobs against dangerous groups (like the empire).

I don’t really see this as being completed ever, but it is more of a workshop for me to work on my level design, AI, and gameplay. I am planning on making small high detailed levels with 3rd person combat. I’ll post some videos when I get farther.

Han Solo is rigged and everything, but I have not finished all of his animations (and I don’t plan on it any time soon) The Stormtroopers are basically finished (except some animations- but you can just assume that for everything). I have an imperial officer, which is my current project, I am hoping to get him to crouch behind cover. The level is 126,000 faces, and runs at 60 fps generally (I do get random lag spikes).

Currently I don’t have any major problems (other than time constraints with life). I just figured I would put this up there, if anyone had any thoughts.


p.s. I am running blender 2.79b