star wars help!

hey guys,
I am making a star wars game and need some help.
I need a good scripter, someone good with logic bricks, and someone good at actions, and someone good at levels.:yes:

please help me with this!
i Would really appreciate your help.:smiley:

here is some pics of the game so far.:eyebrowlift:

Btw BradLA made the lightsaber and the girls face.


tell me what you think!

woah… just… woah

try to learn python, its pretty useful.

use the source luke!

iv tried learning python, its no use, my brain doesn’t comprehend. lol:no:
but if your good at pythons I’m starting a team here for the star wars game.
scriptors needed!

i’m ok at python and good at logic bricks. I have been learning python for a couple of months and know all the basic stuff. tell me if you need help sounds interesting

thanks alot!:smiley:

anybody good at actions, like run cycles and attacks and stuff?

do you know how to use properties well?

could you make a script that can make a glow, like the one behind Aragorn’s sword?

I know how to use properties but i think the glow effect would have to be an animation that plays when you hit a certain key so you wouldn’t need python. I’m not sure how you would animate that (I’m not good at animating):o

You posted in the wrong forum. This is “Game Engine support and discussion”.

Projects (along with recruiting calls) go in the “Works in Progress, Game Demos, and Finished Games” forum.

A mod will probably move this there soon. So, just keep that in mind for future reference.

can you make a script so that my character can do an attack with one button then do another when you hit the same button twice.
like the lord of the rings games.
if you need the blend just say so.

yes I have an example your second click has to be less than .2 seconds from the first. this can easily be changed to make it longer or shorter. click once it rotates to the right click twice it rotates to the left.


doubleclk.blend (182 KB)

there was a mistake in that one here is is the fixed one
btw nice models are they rigged?


doubleclk.blend (182 KB)

My brother BradLA made another character!
He made it a twilek this time to make it seem more like star wars.:smiley:


oh cool!!!
hey kkewley, can you add that script when we do the actions?
to our game?

yea it wont be that hard to do. do you have any ideas for what will happen in the game?

the game will be a 2 player arena game.
PS you do not fight each other, you fight droids!:slight_smile:

btw, thank you!:smiley:

sounds cool do you have someone to rig and animate the characters yet? What about someone to model the levels?

yep, all of them are rigged!:smiley:

hey, i made the droid.
tell me what you think!:slight_smile: