Star Wars III - Trailer is out

Figured this was a bit more ‘news’ than ‘off-topic’ (computer graphics related)

It looks like it is in theaters with “The Incredibles” and at the Star Wars site for members. The link above allows anyone to view it.

Enjoy :smiley:

Sweet as man… 8)

can’t wait. i saw it on the news.

I have been doing my wookiee impressions all morning… Waaaauuurrgghhh!!

Looks Ace but then so did the trailers for the first two.

sorry but it looks crap.

it seems like they have used CG in places they should have made the real thing.

i really dislike movies which use CG for the sake of CG, rather than realising a set can be made, props can be made…

i mean episodes 4 5 6 were done largly with models, and real things. and they were good. why this sudden reliance on CG to do everything. why not “do what works” rather than what is hip


Alltaken: I agree with you about using CG for the sake of using CG. It is wrong IMO too.

But the movie is going to be alright. The last 2 weren’t really all that bad. You just have to take them for what they are. The originals were just bad movies with good effects as well.

Gonna definitley go see it though.


Episodes 4,5, and 6 were made before computers were even a little sophisticated. And besides, CG saves them from building the actual set and some of those in the prequals by the looks of things would be almost impossible to build.

I don’t mind cg for cg’s sake if the cg looks good, but the cg in the trailer looked bad, it was pretty blatantly cg. Hopefully they will be sprucing it up for the film, otherwise it will be laughable.


the trailer is not what i would expect. when is the movie comming out?

see the end of the trailer

see the end of the trailer[/quote]

whoopsy :expressionless: .

(yes the trailer was that bad :stuck_out_tongue: )

Some people just seem determined to not like this movie %| I thought the trailer was alright, and it’s good to hear Mr. Jones again;) The funniest argument I heard so far that the new episodes suck is that the dialogue is bad, like the scripts for the first movies would win the nobel prize for literary achievement %| I’m so looking forward to this movie :smiley:

Is this the trailer where old Obi-wan (played by Alec Guinness) is talking about Darth Vader? I saw it a few hour ago on E! and now I’m really looking forward to seeing this movie on the big screen.

well personally i was really looking forward to the movie, but after seeing the trailer i was thinking Uh-Oh this might be as bad as ep 1 LOL.

the CG was certainly NOT UP TO PAR. look at a movie like LOTR and compare the CG in that to what we see in this trailer. sorry but someone is getting ripped off somewhere in this LOL.

3 years, i would expect it to be awsome.


The reason the orignal Star Wars trilogy was ground-breaking was that no one had ever seen specal effects like that before.

Nowadays, CG special effects are blase; its becoming dificult to impress people since everyone knows pretty much hows its done, with a computer.

IMHO, the problem with these movies is the director. The acting seems poor to me in the first 2, and when good actors don’t act well its due to poor direction. Think about the original trilogy, the cheesiest dialogue is in the first one, the one Lucas directed. Empire is hands down the best star wars movie, probably the best we’ll ever see. Lucas wrote the story but didn’t direct or write the screenplay. I think it was a bad move on his part to think he could jump into the directors chair after sitting behind a desk for 20+ years. If only he could have swallowed some pride and had his buddy Steve direct the prequels.

On the other hand, this one will prbably be the best of the three prequels. Should be action packed. For all my complaining. I’ll still be seeing it the first week its in the theater :expressionless:

We’re not so different, you and I.

I actually thought most of the special effects in the original films looked more realistic than than the CG in this trailer.

I’m a little disapointed with this rendition.

Edit: here’s some instances where they could have substituted CG for the real thing:

  1. The Storm Troopers standing infront of the camera at the start.
  2. The first room you see with Vadar and someone else talking. Yes, the room is fake!
  3. And also, they could have used some real model ships in the space scenes and added effects to them afterwards (mainly the larger ships).

After seeing the first “episode” and not being that impressed by the acting or the plot. I was thinking that I have seen TV shows that were more entertaining than the new star wars flicks.

I’m always thinking could some small time digital production do better? If they really were to try they can’t do worse.

Many of today’s so called block buster films are edited on a computer to the final product. The quality is more often than not nothing to write home about. Shouldn’t creative types like ourselves get in the game and add our visual wares to the market in some way if that type of thing moves us? Often people watch the DVD so the big screen deal in not an issue all the time.

Can people who are creative and have the skill and talent try to test the digital film arenas? I find that a lot of folks I know enjoy watching 3d and 2d cg TV produced shows on DVD more than some Hollywood films of similar topics.

Do we have to follow a set rule of film concept to entertain that must match what ILM or Pixar is doing? Can we just lock down a good style of digital film look tighten up the edges and focus on great story line s to match?

There are colleges that are full of budding actors, writers and people who may just want to get in front of a camera. It can be done it has been done and we have watched these types of films and loved them.

When I see problems with mainstream film productions I always think about the music industry and innovative artist like hip hop, dance, DnB producers and musicians. They bypassed the mainstream music markets and made their own media for people like themselves and are doing quite well all around the world.

Maybe it’s time for the independent movie s to move up a notch and get out some fresh films. We can even put our film teasers up on the web and offer DVDs for sale. Hey, musicians are doing it. Who said “bigger” has to be “better”?
Right now some of us are working with web media and print. With some effort we can do films. It’s a matter of mind over matter and pure creative talent. Just like in the “Matrix” we are talking computers here. Do you think that a computer in a big studio gives someone any more creative power than a “bedroom” media professional sitting in front of a desktop PC?

Blend on!

The actors were said to find it hard to get into their roles because they were acting in front of a blue screen 90% of the time…

well personally i was really looking forward to the movie, but after seeing the trailer i was thinking Uh-Oh this might be as bad as ep 1 LOL.

Well, the movie’s not due out for another 7 months. I have a feeling they’ll brush up on the look a little before then. I would agree that the stormtroopers looked too CG, but the trailer caught my attention, and I got so excited to hear James Earl Jones again:)

WTF this movie has been delayed by about 3 years, f|_|(K lucas. shouldn’t it be out this christmas if it were on time.

but i guess not.

(maybe i really know nothing and it is all going to schedule)