Star Wars Trench Run

Been in a Star Wars mood lately so decided to try doing the trench run from A New Hope. Started with the X-Wing. Here is what I have. All comments welcome.


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Excellent job so far. Modelling looks great. Textures could use some refining, look just a bit too uniform, and I don’t feel like the model specularity is high enough, but the modelling looks spot on, and the texturing is not far off.

Thanks for the feedback. I see what you mean about the texturing and spec.

The tie fighter.

The models look good (as in memory - no reference checked). Are you planning to make a still image or an animation?

I would consider making the xwing window glass transparent so you can see the facial expression and pose of the pilot - that can help create a much more expressive image, depending on planned composition.

As a Star Wars fan I think your models are top notch. As you progress, I would start to think of shiny and matte surfaces, a dirt map and studio lighting.

Here is what I have for the trench. First is clean, second is with motion blur. I plan on doing the blur to the trench but have ships in focus.

What I got

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Once last tweak to the background.