Starborne Newbie Game Project

Wow. That’s rather unimpressive.

Words wall…
Well. I had a thread about this in the general help area, but everyone stopped replying a while back and now it’s buried. Anyway, I’m a noob trying to make a sci-fi FPS/space combat sim. So far I haven’t really started anything that will probably end up in the actual game, but I’m doing tests. This project started out last fall, then gradually got bigger and bigger until I was forced to start a new project that basically ended up as what the original one was going to be. So, basically, it was just one project. I have been working on making maps, but I’m still getting experience, so I doubt any of my current models will make it into the final game except the enemy fighter.

Gameplay over Graphics: I want to have massive battles at decent framerates, so I’m going to make everything as low-poly as possible. The fighter I mentioned has something like eighteen polys, and it actually looks quite good, even from up close.
Story: I’m fairly good at writing stories, so I’m making this one as good as I can to keep people interested. I have the basic plot down, at least the main points, but I’m not going to explain it here as there’s a massive plot twist at the end that I want to keep secret. I will, however, explain some of the starting points and the political situations.
Making weapons fire look good: I’ve noticed that in Battlefront II (one of my favorite games) the laser blast models are so short that they look like dotted lines when fired. I am making mine much longer so that they overlap and look like flowing liquid. In addition, the white line in the center of the colored glow will be perfectly straight and parallel so that it looks like a constant beam.
Scientific accuracy: Well, more like excuses for necessary errors. Yes, I have found a way to justify sound in space.
Freedom: Grappling hooks, smashable windows, destructible props…Whenever you go into a kitchen, I want to have pots on stoves that can be shot and send boiling water flying everywhere.
Title: It’s a derivative of the word airborne. I know, it makes little sense at first sight.
Melee: NO COMBOS! Instead, I’m going to try to make an intuitive system with the arrow keys or, better yet, a joystick. This I have created.

Plot: I will now explain what I can without ruining the story. Prologue: The player wakes up in the middle of a cave, with his last memory being that of going to sleep in 2012 or 2013 a few weeks after the end of a horrific war in which he fought. There is the wreckage of a massive starship nearby, and he fights his way through strange people and alien monsters on his way to the surface. He is then picked up by a massive fleet which should not be able to exist with the technology he is aware of. They are promptly attacked by a mysterious enemy fleet, and the player hops in a spare fighter and helps out. He then realizes that it’s been three thousand years since the events he remembers, all of the records of which have been destroyed. He then explains his memories to his newfound friends in the Federation of Stellar Concord, triggering a flashback.
Act I: Tensions are growing in the Middle East in the year 2012. Soon, Muslim terrorists start to butter up the nations of Asia, then assassinate their leaders and take over. With their new wealth, they construct a small fleet of armed spacecraft and attack the recently completed International Space Station. The attack is not only an attempt at space superiority, but also a symbol of the destruction of the possibility of international peace. A European spacecraft is quickly armed with an experimental railgun and launched to the rescue. Aboard the ship is a wealthy young German astronaut. They dock with the ISS and go aboard, fighting terrorist boarding parties while evacuating the astronauts and cosmonauts aboard the station before it is destroyed.
A long campaign to drive the terrorists off of earth ensues, and eventually the enemy is banished into deep space. The player is elected as the next leader of the new Western United Government.

Act II: As it turns out, in this long period of time, technology has progressed very very far, and the FSC has colonized much of the galaxy. Culture has cycled through many types, and it is currently a very formal Renaissance-like culture. The enemy that just attacked turns out to be the terrorists, back again, now called the Sharian Alliance. Another war ensues, and an enemy leader rises to power. He also claims to be the formerly elected leader, who would now be the rightful president of the FSC. The war continues through Act III, at the end of which something spectacular happens. However, I’m not going to tell you what it is, because I’m mean. Here ends the plot.

I have several ideas as to how to do things, but I so far cannot model humans, and it’s hard to figure out where to start…Help would be appreciated.

I’m going to try to post my tests now. Controls are fairly simple usually; try arrow keys and the home row of keys. For the one with all the guns, fire controls are tied to keys in the center row of the keyboard.

As I said before, help would be appreciated. WARNING: I use 2.49. There’s not much to see anyway, apart from the sword thing, which would be easy enough to remake when I get 2.5. Well, for some reason it isn’t cooperating, so I don’t have my gun one or the one with all the map work. Oh well. Maybe I’ll figure it out later.

I’m also going to make a thread for my questions and difficulties in the support section. If you see this thread, please check it out and help if you can. Thanks in advance.

By the way, in casting Muslim terrorists as the game’s antagonists, I am not trying to offend anyone. It is not a reflection on anyone’s religious views.


swordtry.blend (224 KB)Gametest.blend (1.08 MB)

Hi kaet! I love Space games!
Your game is quite ambitious, but since mine is even more so, I wont tell you anything about ambition.
The story is fine (a bit biased, but well), it seems that nowadays the Middle East became the ‘Bad guys’ side even in the future…
So let me get this straight:
You want an fps space game with spaceship fights?
So where does the action happens? Where is the cave located? If humanity has conquered most of the galaxy, why does your 1000 years in the future story, takes roots in the ‘present’? I mean, after 1000 years the bad guys are not Aliens but humans?
Aaaaanyways it’s your story so…

My advice is to identify all the features of the game, split them and study them individually. Run tests and the try to make them work together. This way you’ll know what features can be implemented and which need more work!
good luck!

All right! Thanks for the reply! The reason the Middle East is still the enemy is because during the first war (in the flashback) the player has to board their ship, which is holding all of them, and sabatoge it, or something like that. It then drifts off into space, apparently never to be seen again…or not. It then shows up again just after the player wakes up, and they’ve had three thousand years to plot their revenge. Their technology has grown, paralleling that of the Federation of Stellar Concord. The action takes place…well…anywhere. Planetside, aboard capital ships (All cap ships will be boardable during space battles; instead of the traditional force-field-wall hanger I’ll have a big runway tunnel thing. While you’re flying through it, the screen will go black and turn into a cutscene of you landing. Then the interior of the ship will be a different scene. The tricky part will be saving the state of the space battle and making sure that no destroyed ships have come back to life or anything, but I might be able to do that with suspend scene…? I’ve never used that (or, indeed, many of the logic bricks) before.). There will be all sorts of different planets. The cave is on some random planet, but you are initially meant to think that it’s earth. Trust me, if I ever actually finish the game, the punchline will explain everything.

EDIT: The reason I have the three-thousand-year jump was that I wanted something very close to home for players (near future) but I didn’t think I would be able to justify the sci-fi technology I wanted in just a few years. Also, I kind of wanted that sort of “exotic land” feel you get when there’s an impossibly huge gap in time.
EDIT: Oh, and I don’t want any sentient aliens, just creatures and monsters and animals and such. Also, I’ve refined the idea of the medieval culture a bit more, so they’ll be using the feudal system on a galactic scale. There will be “knights” who ride these mechanical horse things (think Star Wars speeder bike, but slightly slower).

I’m actually rather curious about the ending… good luck with this. :smiley: Learn stuff.

I think I’m going to just model as much stuff as I possibly can, then try to put it together. By that time, I’ll hopefully know Python, and I’ll be able to start programming.

@Torakunsama (biased comment): If it’s too much for this forum, I can edit it out and call the enemies…well…enemies. I don’t want the moderators after me. :o

EDIT: URRGGHH! It won’t let me upload a screenshot! It says it’s not a valid file type! (It’s a .png, which it said would work.) I also couldn’t see to upload .blends yesterday when I posted the first post! Urgh.

EDIT #2: I now have fourteen screenshots saved as .png files of several maps and a human model.

You could do what I do- upload it in a thread on, then paste the link here as well :smiley:

Okay, I think I get what you’re saying. You also seem to be implying that there’s an entire forum dedicated to the Blender Game Engine, in which case I am going to start looking for it immediately.
Seriously, I really need to know if I’m overstepping the line with my story summary. I read the rules, but it’s hard to figure out exactly what they prohibit without actual experience…

Uuuhhh…I just tried your GameTest.blend. It ran at .336 fps. Does it do that on yours?

Oh, sorry. I should have said something about that. That’s just at the beginning because you have all of the enemy fighters in the frame and they and all of the friendly fighters are all firing, plus the enemy fighters are loaded down with (mostly) unnecessary logic bricks. Just wait a few moments and it’ll run at pretty much normal speed with just a bit of lag occasionally.

All right! This will hopefully be more screen…screenie…screenshots… oh, whatever.

There we go! (I have about twenty more saved. Unfortunately, they all have the taskbar at the side, as I’m still new to this screenshot thing. Actually, I’m still new to most things in Blender, although I’ve had the program for almost a year.)

Anyone? Comments? Am I a Blender game master who will make billions? Am I a hopeless noob who is a disgrace to the name of Blender?..

It’s impossible to tell at this stage. =P If you are persistent and curious, you certainly won’t be hopeless (and probably not a noob).

Try to plan out the game a bit more. You know that little preview in the first post? That should actually be a preview, to more in-depth documentation. Flesh out the story and the gameplay, make things unique and you-shaped.

Although, as you’re still learning Blender and the BGE, it’s perfectly acceptable (and useful) to just jump straight in with modelling/texturing, to experiment. Just don’t get disappointed with yourself- it takes a while to learn this stuff, and Blender in particular has a way of making you feel REALLY stupid about it. You should read outside Blender too- google things like ‘UV mapping’ and ‘openGL materials’. Game creation is not unique to Blender, and there are many non-program-specific tutorials that will give you a much clearer understanding.

In the way of actual critique:

  • Couple of thousand years into the future and we’re using guns that look like… guns? With scopes?
  • The environment geometry is a tad repetitive.
  • Star-wars style laser weapons are better described as plasma-based.

Oh, I don’t know. Come to think of it, I could make the guns look different. I don’t really want that curved-ish look, but you have a point. I’m actually beginning to think they should be more analogous to the single-shot flintlocks of the late-medieval or Renaissance age (though much more advanced), as I’m looking to make the culture…well…not very science-fictiony, but more formal.
The first two pictures in that last post were of the same level, but you probably knew that. Anyway, it’s a military bunker, and I went to great lengths to make everything uniform. I failed (I tried to extrude the ground, as you see, and it messed up the corners), which is why I started another try…and failed… I’m now on try #3.
About the blasters: Ah hah HAAH, but I have an excuse. The VAESER (Violent Amplification of Energy by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) fires a beam along with a special gas. This gas reacts when the beam hits it, turning into light energy. This keeps the beam from dissipating, but has certain side effects. The beam is slowed down, as it moves more slowly than usual through the gas in question. The beam is visible because of the constant reactions, and the color is due to the hue of the gas used. The reactions also result in a sound for the beam. And last but not least, the crown jewel of my justification for scientific inaccuracy… The gas spreads throughout a space battlefield, allowing sound to travel! Hooray!

“I didn’t think I would be able to justify the sci-fi technology I wanted in just a few years.”
Without going into any details… there is civilian grade tech and military grade tech… Military grade tech is almost always on a need to know basis. It is also almost always way ahead of it’s time.
That’s my experience anyway.
Cheers. ;D

You do have a good point…I was thinking mostly about faster-than-light-speed travel and huge capital ships miles long. Oh, and Raiderium, I do have a fairly good idea of the gameplay, but I thought the first post was rather long enough, didn’t you? If you want me to spell it out, I can, but just be warned: you’ll be asking for another words wall.

Words wall? Why don’t you split your game description in parts, and write one document for each part, then link them to your posts. Then add a small description for each doc…
Don’t be afraid to write things down, it’s your thread after all!

That’s a good idea, torakunsama. I’ll definitely have to make a list of the missions with brief descriptions. By nature I tend to write a lot, being something of an amateur author as well as amateur game creator and amateur composer…

Gametestupdated.blend (1.09 MB)Another screenshot! This one is a picture of the new model for the Federation of Stellar Concord (insert Latin name and a bunch of numbers and letters here) interceptor, based on an idea I had last night while trying to get to sleep. It has 24 polys. I generally go as low-poly as possible, as ideally I’ll have hundreds of these (probably all running one Python script looping through all of them…?) It looks something like an upside down T-16 Skyhopper (Star Wars nerds should know what I’m talking about). I’m still working on the gun setup, though: should I have twin guns that fire in unison, like in the pic, alternate-firing twin guns, firelinked triple guns, one on each wing, alternating triple guns, or just one powerful gun at the base of the bottom wing? Maybe I could have twin alternating guns where they are now, and then a longer-range one down below. Any feedback? I know, I probably shouldn’t be thinking about that this early on…
EDIT: Wow, I forgot to put in the picture. Here it is. Yay! Don’t mind the boxes – they were just for reference when flying.
EDIT: I just realized that you can barely see the ship. I’ll put up another one. There we go!

EDIT (again): I now have an (almost) working dogfight, using what I call the “train” system – each fighter has one target on the other side, so basically it’s a long string of fighters of alternating allegiances. This still uses the older Concord fighter model, and the train system seems to result in a neverending circle of fighters, so I’m planning to use a “track to nearest obj. with property ___” script in the final product. If anybody has one I could use, I’d appreciate it (though I’m not sure it’ll work; I still always get that “no installed Python found” error at startup. I tried reinstalling Python, and I think even redownloading…) Anyway, here’s the .blend.


Any feedback on my space battle…? Anyone…?