StarCraft 2 .m3

I’ve seen an import script somewhere for blizzards .m3 (different from other .m3). I would like to mod a few units or make some high res models based off them for my own fun. If someone could point me to a Blender 2.53 script for this, it would be really nice.

Redgeofang - I recently just submitted my first blender script to the community that imports m3 files. It doesn’t support animations, and bones aren’t bound to the mesh quite yet, but you’ll be able to get a textured model imported into blender. You can get the script from here:

I’m still working on it, animations is on my todo list after binding the bones to the mesh. GLHF, let me know if there’s any problems with the script.

Is there anyway you could make that compatible for the blender 2.5 series (python 3.?). Thanks for what you’ve already done, it is just a bit of a pain for me to switch back to 2.49 when I’ve already switched everything into 2.53

I was going to at first, but it the documentation for it didn’t seem (and in my opinion still isn’t) nearly as nice and I didn’t realize how far along 2.53 was to come out. The new API definitely has a steeper learning curve… but I’ve since updated the script, same link, enjoy :D. Unfortunately I had to rewrite a lot of it, so bones & animation aren’t incorporated in this version, and I’m not loading all the materials yet, but it should get ya started. Will get to it over the next week.

Thanks a ton. I’ll send you some resulting renders from this. I don’t need all the materials or textures, I can usually make my own. I just want the models to be exact.

I’ve since updated the script to handle the MD34 files (another version of the m3 files) that came with the full release of SCII thanks to madyavic’s (NiNtoxicated01 at work in the 3dsmax importer script.