Starcraft II .m3 Importer/Exporter Script Request

Hey guys, been a while since I’ve posted. Anyway, Starcraft 2 beta has been out for a while, and at the moment, the only importer/exporter available is for 3DS max. It’d be great if someone made one for Blender, as I don’t have max, nor do I want max.

The max scripts are available here and here. There’s also a google groups dedicated to the .m3 format here.

Any help would be wonderful, as my computer use is limited right now, such that I can neither learn python, nor attempt to make any scripts of any sort.

Not sure if this is allowed, but BUMP

I second this.

EDIT: I’d like to add that making this script will bring a LOT of traffic to Blender, as it would be the only free, competent modelling and animation package to have starcraft 2 .m3 support.

I would like to make an export/import script for the Starcraft 2 Model format but the terms of use forbid the necessary analysis of M3 files. I have created a forum post in the Blizzard forum about the issue. If you are interested in a Starcraft 2 exporter for Blender please have a look:

People made loads of importers and exporters for warcraft 3 models and nothing happened to them. Honestly, I don’t think Blizzard minds at all, just as long as their work isn’t being sold for anyone else’s profit.

oh that would be great! and it would bring a LOT of usage to blender, starcraft 2 is a major thing in the gaming world. im following this, hope it works out!

Can I add my voice to this request? I’d love to be able to make models for Starcraft II.

I would love to bring models out for modification :smiley:

interested, as a SC pythonistic zerg being :slight_smile:

some info I found to extract the .m3 models and to use the 3ds importer :

I suppose objconv.exe is ok to import sc2 models in blender as an obj file but did not test yet.

I’m looking for info about how to parse hexa files in python, never done that (struct module ?)


I’ve created an project at to include support for m3 file reading in blender. You can download a very first version that supports only geometry data to be loaded. I’ve tested it for example with CommandCenter.m3. Don’t expect that it currently supports every .m3 file (it definately does not), but my goal is to provide full .m3 import functionality and later also export functionality.

It is also my first attempt to write a plugin for blender, so check regularly for new versions :wink:


Dude! You are amazing! Keep up the good work man.

EDIT: Is it in the downloads tab? I can’t seem to find it.


currently it is only accessable via the Source tab. There, just select to browse the source code and select the trunk directory. The plugin is just the one .py file, download it form there and copy it into the Blender plugin directory. When I will arrive at home today, I will put one release in the download section. But as I said, it is far away from being finished, so just check regularly for updates.


A new version (0.12) of the plugin can be downloaded from . It now support much more models. If you can find models that dont load properly (the geometry). Please consider to open an issue at: so I can manage to fix them.