Starfleet work

VLA was modeled in Blender and painted in Photoshop. I think I read somewhere that I cannot submit Blender renders touched up in PS. First Blender project:

So from there I’m hard into comic work. Got the characters from DAZ and the bridge set is by Sean Robertson:

I want to figure out how to use this site and post into this community so … that is all… carry on…


…the helmsmen is out of uniform! :mad:

The helmsman has been disciplined. Sorry about that.

Bridge modeled by Sean Robertson, characters pulled out of DAZ and Poser.

My thought was that if the 3D model of the bridge was available (with attribution) then why not save time. I did model the corridor above.

And a test render here:

My direction now is to get low-poly crew mates for stations and model a transporter room then some planet surfaces. My wife doesn’t quite understand all this but I tell her it’s part of the bigger picture. And hey, at least I’m not watching TV with my spare time.