stargate game beta

The betatest :slight_smile:




move- W,S,A,D,Q,E,
fire- left mouse button
open doors,deactivate bomb… - right mouse button
1 - P90 weapon
2 - bereta pistole
R - reload

mision succes when you are deactivate 3 bombs.
mision failed when jaffa hit you by staff weapon.
bomb expoloding in cca 3-4 minutes.

build on blender version 2.43 (I know its old :smiley: )
Use pysonic module for the sound
And FMW plugin for the video

have many many bugs :smiley:

tested on:
Ati radeon 9800 gts, intel core2 duo, 2 gb ram

RAR its packed file! You must have program to open it… for example winrar

how to play

It looks good, I haven’t downloaded it yet because I don’t have the time at the moment but I will try it sometime soon.

The screenshots look pretty dandy.

you are back ? nice to see you around

made in blender, if so awesome.

Dang it! I got killed all the time. I didn’t even manage to get out of the gate room (first room, I did get out once but got killed shortly after that)…
I is so said becauz i liked it sow much.

Very nice indeed. Little easy to get killed though, which is annoying since when that happens it dumps you out of the game. Couldn’t you just pull a Daniel Jackson when you get hit; ascend and then come back at the start of the level? Plus, while I do think the one-hit-kill mechanic ramps up the tension, whoever died of only one staff blast? SG1 have had more of those things hit them than they’ve had hot dinners, these things must be only slightly more dangerous than a hairdryer.

As a warning though, I have heard of a lot of stargate fangames etc. getting shut down by MGM.


yust one thing
the enemies and the bomb not stay on one place.
I know game its hard

how to play

Nice, it’s great to see a near finished game…and one that’s Stargate related! Downloading now, I’m keeping my hopes high. I’m glad I got to this before a mod. :slight_smile:

new menu

It is a really cool game with nice graphics…

Good work, i haven’t seen many finished Stargate games made in blender.

It is a little frustrating though, perhaps a health bar would make it better, or 3 strikes and your out etc.

How about difficulty levels?