Stargate Prometheus

Now that I’ve finished my Daedalus, it’s time for a new project. In some sort of mini-way that was finishing the re-texturing of my F-302, which I have finished.
The real new project would be modelling my own head.

We (people from the JSP project: figured we still needed a Prometheus mesh for our project, so I decided to model it. Until now it’s been a lot of fun!

Hope you like her

I watched the pilot episode of Stargate SG1 season 1 today, and I gotta say, it fairly well sucks. Now, maybe that’s me just finishing Battlestar Galactica, but I want to know, does this thing get better? I love sci-fi and I loved the original Stargate movie, but the acting and writing are so bad on the pilot, I don’t know how they could rescue this show without totally replacing the whole creative team.

You seem to really like it. Am I judging too quick?

I watch a bit of it every now and then. Never the complete episode. I’m glad that our fellow blenderheads get inspiration from that though! Richard Dean Anderson rocks in any show.

Oh yes, it get better. WAY better :cool:


Why else do you think it’s got 10 seasons, a spin-off with 5 more seasons (more to be made), 2 follow-up movies and a second spin-off in the making? Because it’s bad? :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, it gets way better, just as J.L Arts said :slight_smile:

Oh, and you weren’t judging too quick: I’m a big fan. Got all the episodes on DVD ^^

I just got that lol.

Same, I’m almost halfway though season 8 :smiley:

In my opinion Star gate is far better than Battlestar Galactica. Battlestar is way to much of a bold and the beautiful set in space, annoys the hell outa me.

As for the mdoel it is a pretty good base mesh, you now need to add a lot to it to really flesh it out.

Looks good so far. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

Despite the fact that I love Battlestar Galactica, ranking as my second favorite show, it just dosen’t give me that same feeling as Stargate.

By the way, what’s wrong with Children of the Gods? Anywho, Brad Wright, producer and writer, is remaking the pilot.

My wife and I finished the pilot. It was so bad, we figured we couldn’t try to put up with 10 seasons just hoping that it would get better (sorry guys). The writing is terrible (“Just because my genitals are on the inside of my body doesn’t mean I’m not tough.” - Come on…), the acting is atrocious, and the sets and special effects are cheesier than Star Trek episodes that predate them. The difference in quality between the movie and the show is astronomical.

Is Atlantis a lot better? Does it stand alone? If it does, maybe I could watch that and get interested in the plot enough that going back to the original series wouldn’t be that hard…

All I can say to you is, give the show some respect and watch a few more episodes. If you want to cream your pants at special effects seasons 5+ they were actually given a budget for that sort of thing. The story is great, try not to be so shallow, the actors are awesome, especially Jack with his sarcastic sense of humour.

Atlantis is good, it has pants-creaming special effects as well. The story I really like in Atlantis as well.

Having watched every SG1/Atlantis episode to date I can say that its the second best sci-fi show ever (second to Firefly).

Open your mind.


Sorry, svenniemannie, for junking up your thread like this. I must agree with kcbanner that Firefly is one of the most awesome shows ever, but what makes it so awesome is the script writing and the acting. Those are precisely the two places where Stargate faceplants (at least in the pilot - I may have to give the rest of the show a chance, I give you that). I mean, watch the pilot again and look at the soldier guy’s face (the one creeping up the gangway with a machine gun) when the aliens first come throught the Stargate at the beginning. Also listen to all of McGuiver’s lines when he first gets to the installation. It’s like these guys are boys playing a pretend game rather than acting a serious role in a serious show.

I’ll start a thread over in Off-Topic about the good and bad points of Stargate, Firefly, and BSG, and I’ll reproduce the above paragraph there for a continuation of the discussion.

Nevermind junking up this thread, I was gone for one week, so you didn’t bother me at all :stuck_out_tongue:

As for the model it is a pretty good base mesh, you now need to add a lot to it to really flesh it out.
Yep, that’s my plan. I just came back from sailing camp, haven’t slept for (checking…) 29 hours by now, with an average of 5 hours sleep per day for the 7 past days, so I’ll figure it’ll have to wait till Monday ^^

The “Is-Stargate-Good-Stuff”
I’m only gonna say this:
I personally think Stargate is the best show ever (note: I never saw Firefly), if you didn’t like the special effects you should check some of the latest seasons or Stargate Atlantis.
I’m not so into storylines or acting, but I think you’re wrong when saying the sets (oh, and special effects :P) are worse than Star Treks, especially in later seasons.

I’ll see if I join the other thread.

And now, see when I fall asleep and wake up Monday, working on the prommy again :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Time for some update :smiley:
I slammed my daedalus texture on the mesh, and added some other things. The windows are just placeholders, but I want to do the boolean when everything else is finished to keep my mesh as clean as possible.

Oh, and I just bought the Pilot yesterday (Yeah! My stargate SG-1 Collection is now officially complete :P) and I understand what you mean. Man, I had to laugh so loud when I saw Kawalski (think it was him) jumping up and screaming & shooting like Rambo :smiley: Also, the special effects weren’t that good either, I have to agree. But, now I can safely say: It gets way better :smiley:

Another update, including a joke I had with some friends. It won’t show up in the final work :wink:
The only difference from my current progress is the 5 missing missile launchers (they don’t show up in the real model, yet they fire missiles. Small mistake ^^)