Stargate - Web Interface (WIP)

It was a toss-up between puting this here or in “Works in Progress”, however, since this is a more serious project rather than a “just for fun” type I’m puting it here. This is an interface design I’m building for a portfolio I intend to put online. I’m doing this to demonstrate two things, 1) that I can build an interface that’s unusual/unique, “outside the box” as it were, and 2) that I can build an interface that ties in with a theme.

Here’s a render of the gate so far;

The final product will be published in Flash, so I’m not sure if I should leave the gate as is, or continue to add more detail.

The gate will take up most of the interface, with the content being displayed inside the gate. there will be a dialer in the lower left which will be the menu, and there will be a status display in the lower right which will be based on the computer displays from the movie/series. Finally, the pre-loader will play the original dialing sequence from the movie, the status of the download being measured by the symbols being loaded and locked.

What I’d like help on;

First there’s these guys;

They need to move towards and away from the center of the gate. I can constrain the top one to the z-axis, but is there anyway to constrain the others so they move the way I need rather than up/down, left/right, etc?

The other thing, probably the most challenging, is the animation sequence for openning and closing the gate. I’m not sure whether to use Blender or After Effects or both, or even how to go about it. Any advice would be appreciated.

Lastly, does anyone know where I can get sound effects for this? I need good quality sounds that match the FX from the movie/series. I’m going to look at Flashkit, but I’m not too hopefull about that, my other option is to rip them straight from the movie.

Anyways, thanx in advance. Oh, and I know it says this in the rules, but I want to reiterate, feel free to tare into this with your critisism. This is a “best face forward” type of situation

:slight_smile: Thnx

Here’s the dialer (Done completely in Photoshop :smiley: );

I’m going to add the symbols in flash to make some of them buttons. The ones that are buttons will be highlighted, and a tooltip will be added. Also, a classmate suggested that I use this symbol;
for the “Home” button. I thought that was a good idea, so that’s what I’m going to do :slight_smile:

You may be able to have the triangle things that move in and out (I don’t know what they’re called either) move correctly by changing their local z axis to point away from the center of the gate in edit mode. Then have them animate along the local Z axis instead of the global one.

the photo shoped image does not have the quality of the the blended image. Its much more pixelated and the the lightin on the edges is much harder, it’s unfortunatly to clear that you facted the 3D.

I harn’t seen the movie in years but if i remenber correctly the clips catch the pictures on the gate, so they need to be space quite accuratly to get them to to catch properly. At the moment only tree actualy catch the buttons.

As i say i haven’t seen the movie in years but are their not 5 clips - if you aiming for acurecy that is but hey.

I must be hounset the dailer seems to be lacking depth it just seems very shallow, very geometric.

like you choice of theem though keep up the good work

Actually the stargate has 8 clips, 6 for the coordinates, 1 for the starting point, and the 8th and least used is for connections to a different galaxy. The shevrons only lock into place one at a time so they do not all have to line up at once. The DHD graphic does look bad, perhaps model a new one if you truely plan to use this for a webpage design.

No, the StarGate has nine chevrons (correct termonalogy), as any true fan would know. The main problem I see is the materials. You need to completly redo them. Also, sharpen the glyph ring and change the curved tops on the chevrons to look more like the real ones.

I was the second person to make a StarGate in Blender to my knowledge. Here’s a pic of mine:

StarGate Command by Lando

The finished projects thread is here:

Lando’s StarGate Command Finished Project Thread

I also modelled a DHD about a year ago, its not very good but here it is:

Lando’s DHD Model

So if you have any questions regarding materials ect., feel free to ask.


Check out how they are using the stargat as a website, pretty cool.