Made in Blender 2.93 and rendered in Cycles.


Oh damn, nice to see someone here making Stargate related stuff. I loooooove Stargate and I’ve been thinking about making some fan art myself.
If I would have to suggest anything about this, I would say that you should think more about the proportions of things, I think the gate and it’s bridge should feel quite bigger and also add bump maps to textures, I think these two thing already could improve this scene greatly!

You should totally make some Stargate fan art! It was quite a fun project to work on with all of the gate details and was a great learning experience.
Yeah, I agree the gate ended up feeling too small for the space. I should def have scaled it up more to fill the room. Good point about the textures as well, some bump maps would have added to the realism. Thanks so much for the feedback!