Starlord-Guardians of the Galaxy

WIP of Starlords helmet from Guardians of the Galaxy. Basemesh was done in Blender. Starting initial sculpting on the helmet.

Latest Update:

Good start! I loved that movie.

Thanks. Small update on the sculpt.

Awesome stuff Speed0 ! Loved the movie as well ! By the way, I have updated my Goblin sculpt. It’s still a work in progress but I would love to hear your feedback !

Thx. Little update. I added some bolts and created a manikin from scratch.

I will be making a low poly version next in Blender. For the Eyes and Respirator patterns I will be using alpha maps to extract a normal map that I can then overlay on the unwrapped low poly model. I will also add high frequency surface details and of course realistic textures.

Hey guys,

       I finished the high poly. On to the low version. I used texture paint just to see how things looked. Some GIMP used as well.