Stars in background disappear when I render?

I’m putting together a series of lessons for my sister so that she can learn about meteorology and I just got finished with my first animation today. The problem? To describe what I am trying to create, I used a picture of the sun (through Gimp I just made a ball of light yellow), a picture of the earth I found online, an arrow to indicate direction of heat flow and finally a black background with noise so that it looks like stars (also made through Gimp). Now the problem I’m having is that even though in the editing window I clearly see the starred background as I play my animation, when I render it the stars disappear–I want the stars in there to add depth but even when I tried rendering it into a video file the animation was missing the starry background. I just recently learned how to do 2d animation with a set of pictures so I have no idea what to do. I’ve attached a screenshot to give a better representation of my setting; in the animation, the only things that are animated are three red arrows that travel a mostly straight trajectory from the sun into the earth–that’s it. The stars appear here but not in the render.

Thanks for any help you can give.

Because you’ve failed to supply a blend file for review a definitive answer cannot be given
First check the camera settings for the camera clip end distance to ensure the plane with the stars is in the camera view range and then post a link to your blend

It could be the far_clip of the camera is smaller than the viewport far clip. Select the camera and activate the data context. The Camera clipping end defaults to a value of 100. Change it to 5,000 and try to render again.

Ok here’s the blend file, I apologize for not including it I’m new to the software in general and have only tried a few things–this was my first rendered project.


earth heating.blend (491 KB)