Stars - Linux Version out - need help for mac version

HEY, I decided to give away the blendfile for the city of the game.
Check out the video:

STARS is now Finished!!

After a lot of work it´s finally done!
Check it out:


Hope you enjoy the Game, please leave me a feedback if you want.
P.S. the file is very big;P


I finished a Demo of the Game, independent from the game itself.
Just download it and check it out.

Version 1:

VERSION 2 (blocks stay visible):

Main Menu .blendfile:


about the game:
As for most of the puzzle games of this type it doesn´t have a story.
The Player must use the so called “stars” to solve puzzles to get to the next level.

Tell me what you think of the game so far.

Here is a short preview of the main menu of the Game. Enjoy :wink:

For those of you who are interested, here is the Soundtrack of the Games Main Menu which you can use for whatever you want :yes:

No download link or video? It’s hard to tell from the screenshots.

Oh, no, someone beat me to the FPP Game!

Also, someone beat me to a horror game!

I’m ruined! :wink:

Yes downloadlink and video will come when the game is finished.

Hello, from the screenshot it looks nice. I’m definitely looking forward for more info about game mechanics or some video (even something short from editor).
If I can suggest, don’t get stuck your mind with similarities with other games and just do whatever you want, only that way you will end up with something awesome. There aren’t too much good puzzle games, but there are awfull lot of (not so good) games which are same, but desperately want to be different. If you want, just check out my project and tell me about too much Portal-like games :eyebrowlift:.
Good luck with finishing your game. Can’t wait to try it.

I´m working as fast as possible on it.
So far I only need some sounds and soundtracks from composer.
Hope he finds the time to do some nice soundtrack for the main menu of the game.

I´ve done a short video of the main menu of the game. Go watch it above.

Looks really nice !!
I love the idea of the main menu.
Keep up all your awesome projects !!!

Please play the Demo of the Game and tell me if you like it. You find the downloadlink above.

I downloaded and played the demo. What am I supposed to do? Star spawning takes a while, and tagging has no explanation. Please explain.

Actually pressing left mouse should immediatly spawn a star from your hands. The star will follow your mousecursor until you tagg it at a wall. The stars will help you to perceive your environment. The only thing that you are supposed to do in the demo is trying to control the stars and to explore the room you are in.
Please tell me what you mean with star spawning takes a while. Hope you get an idea now.

I like the concept!.. but at first try it’s a bit confusing. I think it would be nice if the walls you create stay on the scene, so you can have a better idea of the environment, or at least for a while… anyway, here in my laptop runs very slow and not sure if all the textures were loaded because I only can see a grey background. Also loading times were very long for such demo scene… you should optimize it before continuing.

Keep it up!

I’d like to try it out, but I try to make it a point not to download from places that download executable files that download the actual file. Maybe you upload it to someplace like Copy, Dropbox, Box, or Mediafire in the future?

I guess it’s just my computer, but when I hit the mouse button it waits a bit before doing anything. Ah, well, really nice graphics!

Ah thanks to y’all. I will try to optimize it as soon as possible, although it’s running fluid for me. If you have any tips please tell me. The textures are all included the background should be gray.
I will also try to upload it somewhere else although i thought the site where you can download it offers the file directly and not with another file. Sorry for that.

Have you tried tagging the stars on the walls?

Postet a new downloadlink. No torrent anymore.

Cool. On downloading it, Chrome told me that it’s malicious and is being blocked, which is odd. I performed a malware scan on it myself, and it seemed okay. The title screen worked well - I like the effect and feel of the graphics. It ran really slowly for me, however (~5-10 FPS or somewhere around there, I’d imagine). It might be martinsh’s lens flare filter slowing it down for me, or possibly a Python script error - I think the console hides itself when I ran it. Perhaps you could add a button to toggle the different screen filters present. In any case, nice work so far.

I added a link to a optimized version of the demo. Please tell me if its now running better on your pc´s.

That is most likely bco chrome do block every executable that is from an unknown publisher. :stuck_out_tongue:

got around 12-15 fps when i tried it out ;D

@@CG_Sky - You moving good luck

Hey i tryed your STARS The Demo will you add “Cap” lock 120d or what? Game works not smooth but controllable on intel graphics family 4 serias 2.1 Ghz x 2 CPU takes ~600mb ram runs on 32bit 64bit sys. P.S Looks nice but maps better would be baked and sun could trace object, about cast ray implementation mhh usual i would say i play “Stone Caster” same stuff. if some one interested to play more BGE games.