Start 2d Coil

Hey Guys!
I am new to this, but have to say I am just blown away by the functionality of Blender…I have been running through entry level tutorials, as I try to create some basic things, but could really use some help on what seems like a simple fix, but I have not found anything on a resolution. Perhaps because I have not searched the right topic?

So here is the issue. I have 4 vertices. One bottom, one left, one top, one right, with a center-point. I am trying to join the vertices on only a 2 dimensional plane with a curve. If they are joined, it would basically end up looking pretty simple. Similar to looking down at a coil, or seashell. Just a simple line that coils on a 2 dimensional surface.

I can’t find a tool to do this that results in this shape. It seems like everything just ends up being a perfect circle, or 3d coil, downward…

Is there a way to perhaps select the 4 vertices, set the centerpoint, and have the program create a curve?

Thanks for any suggestions! I am sure I am overlooking something rather simple…

like this? i don’t think i understood the question.

one part of the question seems to ask how to make a spiral, or “coil” on a 2D surface, and one part seem to ask how to place 4 verteses flat along an axes, could you find a reference image?

It sounds to me like you want to add a curve. There are Bezier and Nurbs curves. The path passes through every vertex on a Bezier curve (with “handles” that influence the “curviness” between the lines), while on a Nurbs curve, the vertices act more like weights on the curve (I think of them as magnets pulling on the curve). Try them both. In the curve settings, set it to 2D rather than the default 3D. Remember you have to go into Edit Mode to change the shape of the curve. By default they give you a slightly curving line. Go nuts.

If you want them to be a mesh rather than a curve, once you have the curve how you want it, go into Object Mode, press Alt+C and choose “Mesh from Curve.” Have fun!

Thanks for the info guys! I have been playing with the Bezier curves, but it doesn’t look like it will accurately do a curve. The first example would be perfect…Just assume you are looking directly at a top view, with just one line and no 3-d. I would extrude from that point…

So, to explain, I have 4 points…Bottom, right, top, and left. If I could snap a curve to these points, it would start the curve as shown above…Make sense I hope?

Finalbarrage, I am thinking if you can show me how you did the above pic in 3d, than I can just adjust dimensions to pull off what I am trying to do…

i started with a line, subdevided it, and selected one of the outer verteses.

enable proportional editing

and start rotating along the Z axses

use the scroll wheel to scale up untill the whole ting turns into a spiral.

then what i did was select everything, extrude it all along the Z axses, and add a solidify modifier, then set the offset to 0, and added a subsurface modifier to make it smooth.

ok so, is this what you mean with 4 points and a curve that snaps to them?

File - User Preferences - Addons - Add Curve - Add Curve:Extra Objects has it all.
Can be used Add - Curve - Spirals. Options are on toolshelf, bottom.

Hope helps.

Final, your last post is exactly what I am attempting…I think I might be able to pull off with the instructions you listed above, and thank you very much for your time and effort…

Eppo, I will mess around with the addons, and thanks! Learning a lot with this.

That’s a very elegant technique, PyroGX. Finalbarrage’s method is a great use of proportional editing, and is a good technique to be aware of for other needs as well.
Here’s a screenshot of the Spirals feature that eppo mentions; this is probably the easiest way to do it:

Thank you much benu…Quick question. When I select another object, and the menu (shown in your picture) disappears, how would you suggest that I get it back to make other adjustments? Hate to ask such simple questions, but some of these, I just can’t seem to find the info on…Thanks again for any help!

Press F6 for the menu to re-appear. Keep in mind that as soon as you execute another function (enter edit mode, select another object), in most cases that effectively applies the settings, which means you’ll need to start another one if you wanted different settings.