Start Up Looking For Visualization of Building Concept

‘Work for Hire’ / NDA required

  1. We need animations and architectural visualizations to bring to life a building concept. Single story with basement and surrounding landscape.
  2. We are an early stage start up - with basis drawings, no architectural or engineering plans.
  3. The goal is to have a walk up / walk through / fly up visualization.
  4. We’re looking for something fast and dirty at this stage with polish to be added later for actual comsumer facing launch.
  5. Final first stage visualizations should be enough to convey the concept in a stylish manner. Conceptual rather than ultra realistic.
  6. What is the budget?: Start up

Please send examples of previous work.


I’m an architecture student in Brussels (Last year, then going feelance CG artist) . I already worked with multiples architects and designers on various projects.

I propose a Fly-through with a software called Lumion,which is great for thoses kind of quick landscape renders, If Photorealistic renders are needed i will switch to blender afterwards.

Budget: 12$/hour excluding taxes (with a contract from smart signed before the work started)
I’m avaible full time after August 22.

My work so far


Thank you for teaching out.

You work is great.

Do you have anything that shows a fly-by type animation as all I can see are stills.

Also do you have a LinkedIn profile?

Thanks in advance


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Hello Liam.

Unfortunately i don’t have any fly-through to show right now, i still need to spend a lot of time creating art for my future website. Same for LinkedIn.

All I can tell you is that it will look like the video I already shown above archviz animation renders made in this software have the same look/quality. I personally don’t find it appropriate for an archviz render but for quick render like asked it will do the job well in a short amount of time.

I also think that a real time web sketchfab turntable like this is really handy for architects to test and discuss ideas.

Best regards,

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Hello, PM sent, have you received it ?

Hi there, I just sent you a PM. Hope to hear from you


I specialize in photorealistic archivis. You can find my portfolio here at I have three years experience with Blender, and I also have experience with Substance Painter, Designer and Photoshop.

At the moment I do not have any experience with the fly-by camera animation at hand, but I feel confident to take on a task such as that.

Drop me a message here or at my email [email protected] if you would like to get in touch.

Thank you!

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