Started to upload free stock footage!

So I had an idea :D. I can’t afford to buy professional stock footage at £50 a clip and I’m guessing I’m not the only one! So I have some pretty cool locations near by here in Scotland so I thought I would upload some free ones! Considering buying a dolly slider so I can reduce the camera shake drastically! I will even take requests granted I have a near by location that suits the bill. In return all I ask for is a mention and showing me what awesomeness you have created :).

Good idea? (This is when you tell me not to be stupid, there are thousands of channels that do this!)

Example of said stock footage. :smiley:

“Good idea? (This is when you tell me not to be stupid, there are thousands of channels that do this!)”

I think you could really stick out by offering the camera original files :slight_smile: Nothing worse than youtube compression on top of the highly compressed codec used in-camera… Yuck!

Thanks for doing this though, I’m sure the vfx community here could really do with some fee plates!

Thanks buddy! Not a bad idea! You know any good places to upload them for people to access?

Hey no problem, I wasn’t paying £50/$75 for a single clip and I’m sure I’m not the only one. I have a decent(ish) camera, a tripod and hopefully a slider coming soon so if I can give people the clips they want for free then I’m happy!

Well if they are small enough(200mb max i think) then media fire will take up to 12 gbs of files in total for free.
It’s cheap enough though to get up to a terabyte or two with them so if you had enough up and people were really digging your videos you could probably ask for a tiny donation here and there :slight_smile:
Last time I paid for media fire subscription i think it was between 2-5 dollars, really not bad at all!

I also do stock video, but for supplemental income. I wouldn’t mind donating a few clips here and there though for the community.
You’re going to love your slider. I also have one and they’re so much fun. That with my induro hi hat tripod :wink:

Thanks for the contribution

Mediafire is now up and running! Seems really cheap too! Can’t wait for pay day to order a slider. I have shaky hands (hence the name) when doing those types of shots free hand. Next on the list after the slider is an updated DSLR. Thinking Canon 550D but not made up my mind yet.

Nice :slight_smile:

It’s all up to the budget I guess. Might want to try a used GH-3. I know those ones are pretty nice.
I have a Canon 600D but I might want a GH4 pretty soon. My 600D is for sale just in case you wanted something used.

You have a beautiful country over there, I’m sure you’ll be getting lots of requests soon enough :slight_smile:

I found this! Not sure if legit or not…

The seller seems to have a lot of good feedback. Not sure if Id get it myself but if you’re just looking for a super simple setup then it may be worth it

I can use those on my YT videos.

Feel free! Canon 700D has arrived. Now just need to wait on a slider and glidecam for those steady shots! Any requests?

Can you do a simple thunderstorm footage over a field? Just be careful…

Honestly, if you can’t afford stock-footage for a professional shoot, there’s something wrong with your pricing. The real danger is to use footage in your shoot that you thought was free, only to have someone :eek: sue your a*s :eek: for copyright infringement … and win.

Most suppliers of stock will provide low-res watermarked versions of their clips for “comping” purposes. Once you use this to cut your show together and demonstrate to your client, you can then purchase finals of exactly what you did use. They will give you a detailed receipt that you file and keep forever.

If you actually start counting-up the cost of the “free stuff,” you’ll realize that “nothing’s free,” and that you’re simply giving valuable things away. Think like a businessman, right from the start: “Don’t Give Valuable Things Away.”