Starting a very interactive morpg fighting game, need crew :)

I thank you for reading and hope you will get as intrested in this
game idea as I am!


I want to start by saying I am no noob thinking
that making a morpg (not mmorpg) would be easy
and that I am going to get rich on it.
I’m just a young Java programmer who got a briliant
game idea that doesnt look like anything you’v seen
for free before!

What’s the game is like:

I cant tell you the whole game play as Im afraid that
the idea will get stolen and used by some people
who got resources to build it faster than me.
But I will tell you the basics :smiley:

-Short summary:
*Free for life
*Pvp only
*NPC’s exsist
*Weapons is avalible
*Combinding skills ability
*NO Point-to-kill boringness

So, the game is placed in acient Japan.
The time of the samurais and kong fu!
The 3D enviroment is a smooth, calming and beautiful fantasy
recreation of the old Japan.
Built by how we remeber it from all kong fu movies, The last samurai
is a good example of what Im talking about!

To play the game, you simple create a free character
download the game and play for FREE!
You gain levels by killing other players, so it’s only pvp game.
How do we kill them?
That is the special thingy!
The game offers moves like backflip, forward hovering etc.
To fight you got a series of attacks like kick, punch, throw etc.
Combinding one or more moves with an attack you become deadly!

You can for example click x do do a backflip, then fast click shift+w(up)
to get forward hovering and then click f to do a kick. This will result in you
flipping backwards while flying forward, kicking you opponent making him
fly backwards, knocked out!
He can ofcourse block the kick clicking s(down)+Q
to block lower part of his body.
But only if he reacts fast!
Using this interactive way of playing, this game totaly stand out
from todays all boring Point-to-kill games!

You will also be able to use weapons in fighting such as staffs etc.
Tho if you use a weapon, you cannot fight a guy who doesnt own a weapon!
So using a weapon like staff, you get advantages and disadvantages.
It can block all directions, unlike a knife, tho knife would be faster to use.

Npc’s will exsist in town and on other places offering services like
buy weapons, clothes, haircuts, food and help

How will the game be buildt?

I will use:
*Blender for editing models if needed
*Java to script in

Will we get paid?

Depends! I will make players able to buy in-game cash and
coupongs for special haircuts to gain money on this game.
If we succed making the game and earning money, the cash
will be split according to the amount of contribution
to the project that each one have done. I will do this as just
as I can.

What jobs are avalible?

3D modeling and texturing is what I need the moste!
I suck really at making 3D models and texturing so I need some skilled
people on this!
If you can make models but can’t texture well, then apply only for
3D enviroment builder, not texturer for example.

I need to see some works before you can get the job
so send me some of your works in your application!
Also you need to deliver on time or you will hog up the
game making process. So being ready in time is crucial!
Yes, you can apply for more than one job, tho you have to send the
applications seperate!
Also, all contribution must be 100% copyright by you (if you made the file and can
prove the date you made it, you got copyright) so that
I can getfull copyright on the game and not get sued :stuck_out_tongue:

So heres a like of jobs:

3D enviroment: Builder, Texturer

3D Character: Builder, Texturer, Animator

3D Etc: Builder, Texturer --Not important at the moment

3D Special Effects: Builder, Texturer
-If you want to be builder, all fx must be scripted and made in
jME3 and using a simple method I get the effect working.
Ex: Explode(position) to create an explosion

3D Clothes: Builder, Texturer --Not important at the moment

Music maker --Highly appriciated

Sound Effects maker

How to apply for a job:

Send and email to [email protected]
Include in the mail the following:
*Your job request (3D enviroment builder for example)
*A peice of your work 100% by yourself (the more the better)
*A brief introduction about yourself

Ending notes:

A webbsite will be made for the whole crew to be able to
download the alpha, see footage and get in contact with
the rest of the crew!

I will be gone soon for two weeks, and after that the game scripting
will begin for real!
If you apply and I accept you before I leave then
you will be able to get your first task and will be able to get
started in good time :slight_smile:
I expect the game to be done quite fast so by the end of this year
an alpha game would be playable and enjoyed by all in the crew :smiley:

Thank you for showing interest by reading this far
and I hope to see you apply for any job avalible!


I heard some want to see MY work aswell to know Im just no noob :stuck_out_tongue:
I uploaded just a few of my games using java, please have a look :slight_smile:
As you might notice in the 3D car game, I really need 3d texturer and builder :stuck_out_tongue: