Starting out advice

Hi, I am quite new to blender and have messed around with it a little bit. I have of course found that there is a lot to learn and I’m a little overwhelmed.
I want to eventually be able to use blender to create characters, environments and assets for use in games.

Can anyone please tell me if there is an order which I should learn these things which would be most efficient.

Thank you.

There are many talented folks with youtube videos and sites, but personally I learned blender almost entirely by simply watching and tutorials and quick tips. The guys that run those sites throw in lots of shortcuts and tricks that are not very well documented in the wikis/manuals.

Also, this forum has some very clever blender users who actively give great problem solving advice, such as Sanctuary, JA12, Richard Marklew and dozens of others. I learn something new, or a new way of looking at things with nearly every post they make.

Start by making assets. Learn how to model and texture. Move on to environments, more modeling and texturing, but you also get into lighting. Finally learn characters, and rigging, and a bit of animation. see360s advice about the tutorials is spot on.