starting with blender

i’ve started using blender about 2/3 months ago did some nice and simple tutorials.
All worked out pretty nice, so i know my (very basic) way around blender when using
But when I want to start my own project I get kinda confused and don’t even have a clue
on where/how to start or what to do to start my project.

Got some nice ideas about a concept car based on the looks of the rally cars :evilgrin:
but I just don’t know how and where to start.
Have the same with every project I try to do, then I start up a tutorial and that works out fine.
I think this is mainly because the tutorials tell what and when to do

Anyone who has any tips for me so I can start my own projects, or is this just trial and error?
Cause at the moment it isn’t really motivating me… :no:

Project, meaning building 3D object? I start with association of what I want to build to its simple shape.

For example, to create a pencil, I look at its general form and I might start with a cylinder. Humm, then I might have a problem with crafting the tip. So I try to build it from cone; just extrude the base to make a cylinder. There are lots of ways to go about making that shape. Try one. Find out problem associated with building in a given way. I never have a definitive method of creating the object right from the start. Play with it. There is no perfect method!

I tend to start by building a very very simplified version of the model made with just boxes and cylinder objects to decide on the general proportions and form. Then build a more detailed model to find how each component will fit with the other components. Again this is built with the primitives without any fine detailing. Then with this as a guide I’d build the higher detailed model. How many of these intermediates you want would be up to you and how detailed you want to go.
Even if you are building against image plans I tend to do this to understand how the parts fit together and decide the best way to model it.

thanks a lot, got me a bit farther now