Startup looking to license specific models/animations

Hi Blenderers!

Nice to meet you. My name is Donny from Upgrade, a new and innovative company looking for talented 3D modellers to partner with. We are actively seeking to license 3D models from freelance artists and we believe there is a huge opportunity for collaboration.

We offer competitive royalties of $2.50 per model sold and encourage our partners to submit multiple assets. The same model retextured will be sold as separate products. Our customer base is large and growing, so the potential for significant royalties is substantial.

If you’re a creative and talented 3D modeller, I’d love to hear from you! We’re eager to work with passionate individuals who are dedicated to creating high-quality assets. So if that’s you, please contact me at [email protected] and I would be glad to provide more details.

You may look me up on LinkedIn @

You can also reach me through Discord @DonnyDonDondelon#3520

Have a great day! :slight_smile:

Best regards,

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Is this a typo or a joke? I’m really hoping typo, I can’t even imagine how you could type this out in full seriousness. Is this a prank, maybe?


Haha! Wow!



It’s too late for this type of startup anyway, in very short time AI generators will close that gap.


If I can sell a 3D model on Artstation for $10 and make $8.50 on each 3D model. What is the reason for me to work with you?
Will you be paid the hour you work on each model produced for you and still earn a commission?


Thankyou for the quick response! Definetly no typo. The models we are looking for can be made in a day or two. We have worked with 3d modellers before, and with the amount of sales in mind, our model pays substantially more in the long run than what is deemed normal in the market. You may contact me on the details provided and decide yourself if I’ve made a typo or if our offer is a solid way for an experienced modeller to earn an incredible passive income with our way of working.

Quick side-note. We will not sell the models online, through marketplaces or to animation studios and we have modellers in-house ourselves that we will compensate through the same model. Working for an hourly rate is no income when you’re done. Working through royalties means earning in the long run.

Thankyou! We appreciate your kind words and admire your sense of sarcasm. Have a great day! Please do get in touch if you’re curious as to why we chose the model mentioned above instead of a traditional hourly wage.

So… you buy models from people for 2.50 and then rent those models out to animation studios (for an undisclosed amount, may I add?) why? You’re a middleman at best, and an entirely pointless one. Why would I sell you my model for pennies so you can make hundreds, when I can just… sell my model for hundreds to your end customers?


This is a royalty payment mechanism, meaning that the artist receives $2.50 each time the model is sold.

While this is a valid means of paying artists, it also falls under the terms of “deferred pay” as it pertains to this forum. For that reason, I’ve moved this thread from #jobs:paid-work to #jobs:volunteer-work.


We are fully aware and will defenitely capitalize on using AI generators for our products, however, we prefer paying 3d modellers for awesome things instead of engines. Please do note that we will only benefit from what you’re saying is going to hurt us. For now, including blenderers in our community seems the method we’re most eagered to work with.

Hi! The models I am looking for are not featured on Artstations for hundreds. And my appologies for miscomunication. We will not “buy” the models, we will resell it to an audience Artstation is not focussing on. Essentially paying $2,50 each time we sell the model, hence the outlook of a passive income.

Thankyou for the redirection kind sir! :heart:

Hi Danilo,

See it as selling one of your models on artstation, but without accepting a one time fee thats a bit higher ($8,50) but a recurring fee that’s a bit lower ($2,50). With that, we cater a different market than Artstation is serving right now. Please do keep uploading your work there! But if you’re curious to receive further details please don’t hesitate to reach out. Be carefull though, chances are low you’ll say no.

Have a great day!

However gratefull for keeping this post where it belongs. We have carefully considered our earnings model and are 100% confident we offer a substantially higher pay then traditional. We pay through royalties, but if the models are of the quality desired we are more then happy to up-front the royalties to a certain degree. However, if someone delivers a product that is below quality we do not gaurantee a solid income and will not pay up-front.

Furthermore, we give everyone the chance to negotiate and thus do not believe this job falls under Volunteer work but more a pay based on results way of working. We will also not close this forum if we’ve found a couple modellers but want to invite everyone to see if our company is an interesting party to do sporadic things for to create a recurring income.

So how does that work. Shouldn’t there be some website where you upload your assets? Why are you providing such a little information in the post.

Hope you’re not asking to directly send you our models, because how will we keep track of how many times it was sold? Maybe you’re lying and pocketing the change? How will we tell?


Hi Nick,

Thankyou for your reply! We are not asking anyone to simply send their assets. When someone is curious what we offer he/she can contact with the details provided in the OP and, if their portfolio seems fitting to our project we will explain the details and our mission, aswell provide the proper documents to make sure everything goes as agreed upon. After all that is taken care of we can talk about deliverables.

In terms of our website, we are set to launch in March! However, our product doesn’t resolve around a website but around awesome 3d models and 3d modellers, which we are now scouting throughout the worldwide interwebs. The website is thus no priority as of this moment. We are busy building our infrastructure, which is mostly outside of the digital space!

Hope this answers your question :slight_smile:

** EDIT **

We provide little information through on this forum since we haven’t launched yet. We first want to have our network in place before we publicly anounce our plans and aspirations.

So if I understand correctly you offer $2.50 to the original artist every time you sell their model - at which price point will you be selling them to your clients / what is your commission rate?

Edit: since I didn’t get a reply I’ll clarify my question: This only seems like a good deal to you, not to the artists. As mentioned above they can already sell their work at a higher price point at good commission rates (88% on ArtStation and Sketchfab, for example).


Hi Bart,

Correct, However, there is a catch! We will not sell their models through Sketchfab and ArtStation. We are setting up a service with a totally different market than what the common 3d company focusses on. We have a price point between 5 and 15 euro, depending on how the model is sold. Since we venture into a market that doesn’t exist yet, we have some increases in cost that we need to carry.

We prefer to not go to much into details openly. I’ve send you a pm to explain you our backstory and, if deemed unethical, please do mention it in this post to make blenderers more aware!

Interesting coincidence - It’s always the “market that doesn’t exist yet”, “just right around the corner”, “get in on the ground floor”, with scams, isn’t it? It’s almost like scammers rely on flattering their victims with the promise of a powerful secret no one else knows about yet, and the promise of a new untapped market is a very seductive one. I’ve heard this pitch before with crypto, NFTs, countless startups… tale as old as time. I’ll pass.


You’re right! Interesting coincidence indeed.
And yes, you’re right! New markets are indeed seductive, and very profitable. Just like Crypto, NFT’s and countless startups… We’re no Crypto or NFT project though, just another of those countless start-ups :slight_smile:

Please feel free to send me your portfolio and we can consider telling you our “powerfull secret”.