starwars for weirdhat (and everyone)

(basse) #1

WeirdHat in #blenderchat wanted to see any starwars stuff… I am not really a starwars fan myself, but this link is definetely something worth seeing: (note, it’s not www address, but telnet)

telnet to: (port 23)

it’s not commercial, preview or trailer. it’s the whole movie! :slight_smile:


(Vidigiani) #2

Wow… somebody had a LOT of time on their hands! :slight_smile:

(Millhouse) #3

Before i go there can i just ask… do we have to upload it or will it run from location?? ok we have a nice connetion here (microwave to the open uni) but it’s gotta be huage!

(Vidigiani) #4

Actually, it plays on server side and streams it to your machine, so you don’t have to download it all at once.

(Millhouse) #5

Oh thank god i think i’ll be watching that when i get home tonight then.

(WeirdHat) #6

Um… you must be thinking of someone else… what gave you the impression that I wanted that?

(WeirdHat) #7

By the way, you can also find this on

(kirpre) #8

By the way, you can also find this on

That is so scary that someone put that much effort into that.

(Hos) #9

That’s awesome!


(overextrude) #10

Gotta say…it’s first time I’ve ever seen an ascii animation, and for what it is, it’s awesome. Someone (or some people) put a lot of time into that.

(rndrdbrian) #11

Now that’s just sad!

(he says watching it intently!)


(basse) #12

well, on #blenderchat I remember that you asked something starwars related, because you just had watched episode 2 (or something)…

maybe I remember wrong.
it just looked like, that everybody here are starwars fan :slight_smile:



(Sebasthos) #13

You can also go to . This page is awesome.