State housing (Housing supplied by the state)

Makes you feel sorry for the people who live in those housing blocks (in the image)

They actually have large blocks with similar looking buildings in the middle east.

A good job on the texturing and lighting though the colors seem a bit off. They look like cardboard cut outs. The sense of scale and being lost into similarity of indentical buildings feeling is there so good job on that one.

Oh and you’ll find similar large concrete appartments in every big city. You’ll find old run down HLM in France and old run down Appartment complex in Mexico, its just the high density low cost buildings to fill in the housing needs

lolz those are some new projects ive never seen b4, lolz nise

You should add more color/texture variety to the buildings closer to the camera. Also, remove a few windows, and at least try to change their basic shape a bit for a couple of buildings (some rectangular windows would be nice).

I understand the theme, but it can look so much better with some tweaking.

This has an almost cardboard cutout look to it. I haven’t seen the actual buildings myself, but the colours look a bit strange, even for cheap state housing (made to most efficiently house homeless/low-income people).