State of the 2.5 API?

A couple of minths ago (2 or 3, I believe), I started converting a lot of my python work from 2.49 to 2.5. Because some things in the API behaved rather strangely, I chekced in here, and was told that the 2.5 API was still very unstable, and that I should probably wait a bit if I wanted final, finished, and fully functional conversions of my scripts. It made perfect sense, and I have had the project on hiatus since then.

But how are things progressing with that? The main quirks I encountered were in the append/link part of the API, which had a lot of trouble at the time. But I also ran into some funny things with python-driven animations, and some other aspects of Blender programming. How stable has the API become since then, and how chiseled in stone is the syntax at this point (I remember certain functions changing syntax enough that I had to update the 2.5 scripts several times)?

I know 2.5 is still a hurricane of intense programming and constant improvement, but if I am not seeking to experiement but rather want to create stable scripts for extended use, is it a good idea for me to start, or should I wait until things are a bit calmer?

Campbell is getting it (mostly) nailed down before the beta AFAICT but I’d expect a major breakage or two before then.

People also need to report bugs or they will never get fixed.

I discussed the bugs with a couple of the hardcore developer types, and they assured me they were working on it, but said it would take time :frowning: But what do you mean by “breakage”?

where can we register a new account to add some bugs i have in 2.5


he means they are probably going to have major changes that would break a script that would work currently. basically that the original advice still stands, wait until the api is finalized if you dont want to rewrite the script more than once.

you should ask meta, he is converting alot of the scripts to 2.5.

Renaming stuff like foo_add() to add_foo() so they all have the same prefix patterns or whatever you would call that for example.

And there are some design issues as well but not too sure what they are – don’t think it’s anything too major though.

I think (maybe) the plan is to have controlled breakages instead of a bunch of willy-nilly changes here and there so the script writers can more easily keep up and not have to fix them every other day when some method gets renamed.

Thanks folks, what you describe is precisely the things I was wondering about. It seems there is still a little time to go before I dare venture entirely back into scripting territory :slight_smile:

My gratitude to you, and most definitely to the brave men and women doing the Good Work on Blender 2.5!

Personally I’d try and port now - and start bugging folks about what doesn’t work how you want it.

well can someone tell me where i can register to add some bugs i have in 2…5

so i can bug peoples there!

happy 2.5

just go to the bug tracker and register

is this for 2.5 ?
cause i already have an account on bug tracker but i think that for 2.4
so you need to open a new account for 2.5 but not certain here !

and if ican use my normal account on which page do i have to select to get to the 2.5 bug tracker right now i can see only 2.4X pages ?


If you already have an account just go to the tracker tab, select the 2.5 tracker, and file a bug.

cannot find this 2.5 bug tracker
may be this is not the right forum !

if i select the bug tracker i get the one for 2.4 see picture here

what i my doing wrong here ?

and may be i need to open a new account for 2.5 ?


As I said above, click on the tab that says tracker, and a list of the the possible trackers appears.

Why don’t you just use the ‘Report a Bug’ link that is in all blender 2.5 builds under the help menu.

i think i finally found the place of this 2.5 bugs


I’m not really worried about the bugs, those will always be there. And I’ve always wanted to do my part on reporting bugs (it’s the only time I can do good by pointing out problems, too :slight_smile: ). It’s the breakage that really gets me.

But I’ve got vacation time coming up, so maybe, just maybe, I’ll jump into the fray! Good to have the clear warnings, though, thanks!


yes i did and seems that this is not the right forum for python bugs!

so i think there is a special forum for python bugs report
but still not certain if it is the right place in the normal bugs report in 2.5 page