Static to Static collision detection. Any way to pull it off?

Silly question I know, but seeing as how static to static collision is a no show with bullet, I’m not left with all that many options but to ask.

First, just to clarify, I can’t use a ray sensor as an alternative, and there is no way that I can make any of the objects in question dynamic.

So… Is there a way? Maybe something through python, a way to register a static object as dynamic (just for the sake of collision) when it’s really not.

Your really into programming aren’t you? :slight_smile:
And I have no friggin idea how to do that!

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You can get a static to static with the near sensor if they are both set as actors. Actually, only the moving object needs to be an actor.

Near sensors hate being used, though. Like Radar, they tend to freeze often.

I’m a hobbyist.

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Nah, that won’t work in my case, because I need the “contact area” to form a certain shape, and for that I need the mesh itself to act as a collision surface. (something I should have probably mentioned right off the bat, sorry)


Yea, I know. It’s funny how these bugs come to bite you when you least expect it.

…um wait for Erwin to fix it (time permitting) or write your own version of blender or hope it’s fixed in the next release??? We need more people to help develop the game engine side of blender… I have know idea how to get more people interested… competitions maybe? unfortunately i’m just a 3d Artist… :wink:

so you want collision detection for a static object? or am i reading that wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know if you are reading it wrong, but you could be picking and choosing from what you want to read, instead of reading everything through.

As, I clearly stated in my first post, I’m looking for a way/method/hack (I’ll pretty much settle for anyting, short of editing the blender source code and compiling), anything that will allow me to enable static to static object collision detection within the BGE.

In case you didn’t know, there is a bug in blender (or did Erwin say he got rid of “static-static” functionality on purpose?) that prevents two (or more) static objects from detecting any collisions among eachother using things like the touch or collision sensors.

Hope that cleared it up.

How can two static elements have a moment of collision? That would mean they collide when created?

Either that, or you move them with actuators, or the static object is parented to a dynamic one which allows it to move through the gamespace.

When I say static, I mean “not set to dynamic, not using the physics engine”, I don’t mean static as in “they don’t move”.

Ah, okay. Now it makes sence :slight_smile: change the scene to “Main”… forgot to do that when i saved it.
i used python in this pong game im making to make a virtual rectangle where the paddles are. and if the ball is in the virtual rectangle, then the x velocity is reversed. im not sure what you need the static collisions for, but thats how i overcame the problem…

Ahh, I see.

You are determining the virtual collision surface by calculating the distance of the object edges from the origin itself. Then you have your motion object adhere to the bounderies by testing weather or not the position of the ball is within that positional scope.

Very creative.

I do have my doubts however, about weather or not the same method can be implemented on my mesh, on all axes, and for each specific surface.

I’ll run a few tests.

Thanks Stella.

I’m beginning to wonder if the BGE will ever be workable again. It seems like all the energy goes into physics and the bugs just lay around and get worse. A few got fixed when the engine went over into Bullet and now it’s back to nothing. I tried ray sensor on a static, but when I used getHitObject() from the ray and changed the property of the static object, it also change the properties of the other static objects with that property name. It just seems hopeless. I can’t even find workarounds anymore. This engine is made for car games and marble games that have no logic involved and that’s it. I guess it’s time to try to find something else. It’s just too bad because Blender is such a great game development system but this is almost worse than being abandoned.

Yea, I feel your pain, trust me.

You know, I keep thinking that beside Erwin, there are only 3 or so more people really working on the GE’s development (I could be wrong on that, but that’s what it feels like), which would explain many things (like the lingering bugs), and why the logic side of things seems to be getting worse with every “upgrade”. As you said, Erwin seems to focus strictly on the physics engine, so I guess that’s something that we have to deal with.

I’m currently learning OpenGL (going through SDL), so I’m setting things up to cross-over to the purelly coded arena.

All inconsistency aside, the BGE is still a great stepping stone.

I’m currently learning OpenGL (going through SDL)

I’ve played around with it a little, but by the time you get models to load, especially boned models, you can get into some trouble. There is cal3d, which uses opengl code in the examples. I"ve considered that route, but scene managers come in handy. I guess I’ll check out Ogre, Crystal Space, and possibly Torque. All of them have their problems, but BGE doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

BTW This doesn’t meant I won’t be using BGE any more. It’s still a great prototyping and small game tool.


here, I feel the need to enter (sorry) in your polite word exchange and say that I share the same feelings of you
I’ve low ambitions…a complete set of modern and workable Logic Bricks
will satisfied me
But unfortunately the Blender Foundation don’t care much for the game/interactive side of Blender
Once I’ve posted the idea of a new " fund raising" game/web/interactive oriented
No answers If I remember well…
But Blender it’s such a lovable thing…
Hang on guys :slight_smile: