I know this sucks compared to everything else out there but I put it up anyway.

It’s just a quick shot from an animation I’m going to do about a pig which runs onto the train tracks to retrieve a dropped hamburger (kind of Ironic really).
Steal it if you wish but ask yourself “Do I really want to steal THAT!?”

I’m a total blender NOOB so I ain’t too good.

Anyways, any comments, advice, questions or abuse is welcome.

IMHO it doesnt look too bad, but you should ask yourself if you want to make it detailed or not, if not you can keep it, if yes, focus on one object at a time, find a lot of reference, and keep true to dimensions etc.
and make sure that your textures look equally real on every object)not like the tracks vs. the train’
keep up the good work.

Thanks for the advice, Textures were photos altered in gimp (I downloaded it 3 days ago) and I’m still getting the hang of it. Took me about a day of tutorials, pain, frustration and violence toward my PC to texture those ticket machines but I’m still quite proud of the result. Just to clear things up, the pig will escape because I like pigs and I probably can’t animate one being hit by a train.

I’ve still got to make the station building and will change the tracks - I’ll probably model those.
My time is spent between this and my GCSE Electronics design which I’ll do in blender too so it’ll take a while. When it’s done I’l post GCSE stuff and this for anyone who’s interested.

I like the train. I would be nice to get a close up look of that.

Wish our trains ran as well :stuck_out_tongue:

As someone else who’s pretty n00bish at Blender, I have only one criticism. There is no way that train is getting around the sharp bend in the tracks.

@DavidChipman: I was so thinking that! creepy, u mind reader.

It’s a good start.
Carefull to the scale of your textures.
Moreover, pay attention to the camera angle, because this way I didn’t recognize the ticket machines.
Moreover they seem well mapped, so you should show them better.
After than, try to autosmooth the tunnel.
And yeah, detail the track corner. it’s really too much low poly.
Continue the good job.

my favorites are the (german?) ticket machines, but the light spots shine too much