StaxRip - OpenSource Video Encoding GUI

check it out… open source video encoding gui! (although it requires microsoft .net framework)

It would have been nice if you’d mentioned what the software actually did in your post, it could have been anything! Also I think this belongs in off-topic.

Looks nice though. Software to let you convert DVD VOBs to a different video format, so it seems anyway. Can this software convert direct from DVD? I’ve been trying to find something that can do that. All the other converters I’ve seen can only convert pre-ripped VOBs, meaning you first have to rip a DVD to your hard drive and then convert it. If this app can’t convert direct direct from DVD are there any that can?

i added the word “video” in the title and tried to make my first post a little more despcriptive. I thought it might be useful to encode blender renders…

i found this on btw:,_Divx,_H264,MPEG-2)-_StaxRip
(copy and paste the whole link)