steady movement

all I have is a camera moving right to left.
when the video is shown and repeats, I don’t want it slowing down and speeding up.
just steady flow.
I suspect the default is a sine curve.
how do I tell it to just be at one speed.
thanks all


In the curve editor, open the N panel to set the keyframes you want to Linear Interpolation. You can try other options to see how they work.

Thanks, but I cannot find it!
where is the N panel?

Press N to open it.

when I press n I just get the side panel with transform etc on it.
wot is I missing?

Exactly. And in that panel you have a tab called Active Keyframe and a drop-down menu for the interpolation type:

Make sure you open the N-panel of the correct viewport.

still looking…
this is all that comes up when I click N
maybe I have to select something first???


As I said, you need to make sure that you’re with the mouse over the correct viewport when hitting N.
This is from your screenshot: Have the mouse arrow in the red frame, then hit N.

sorry I am so slow!

well it still don’t work right!
I deleted the I points. to start again.
0 and 150 both got a I location.
Now when I put the cursor there and hit N I just get “view properties, show cursor, cursor from selection”
and it still speeds up and slows down which is why I needed again the above.
thanks all

here is the simplified file.


cameramove.blend (7.62 MB)

something must be wrong with that file.
I made a new one from scratch and it works fine.
thanks all