Steak with fries

Thanks for taking the time to help me improve. Yes, the drops were my worst decision in this render, it is what first makes you notice that it is CGI. The bad thing is that I realized it a long time after publishing it. At least I have your advice for when something escapes me

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Anytime mate! :smiley:

One more thing that slightly itches me: The collision of some droplets with the main sauce body. Since they don’t bridge into, but just intersect, it looks like the sauce is gelatinous. If you drip something gelatinous onto your plate, droplets landing on already solid droplets will not bond with them, but just wrap around them, looking just like a plain intersection (see the three droplets on the right end of the main sauce body). The simple solution would be to remove these three droplets. The complex one would be modeling them as to morph into the main body, smoothly bridging the intersection rim, like water droplets do.

Like I said: Nice render. :+1: Keep it up and coming! (:drooling_face: So TASTYYY…)


all my congratulations to your amazing renders, I have followed since 1 year ago, and I am very amazed and happy your works have been featured in Blender Artist. I cant wait to see your new images, and again, congrats your success and work :smiley:

Me feel hungry now. Good work.

Thank you my brother, I really appreciate your comment. I just got up and it’s the first thing I read … Thank you