steam driven smpte video leader

[video][/video]after a bit of a break from blender to re-visit Maya and Max I have returned to Blender with this project and have really enjoyed working with the new UI. I created the model in blender and then added the partical effects and colour treatment in After Effects.

I like the image, though I’m not sure what it is. Some kind of video monitor driven by steam, sure…Very well done.

Nice image, a little dark and the animation of the monitor looks a little choppy, meaning that it changes direction a little fast as to be a bit confusing for the viewer. If this is trying to convey the information to the left of the screen, I think people would miss it since the action to the right of the screen draws one’s eye to it. Maybe a little more subtlety in the animation would ease viewing and help the viewer take in the information and the animation as well.

Of course this is my opinion after one view, which in most cases is what people will see once, but viewing additional times, the animation isn’t as distracting.

Note: I would change “complient” to “compliant”.

Note: I would change “complient” to “compliant”.[/QUOTE]

Big thanks for picking up the spelling error! and for taking the time to comment on the work. It’s a good idea to slow down the screen movement, and it will give me the chance to have another look at how the armature that controls the tv stand is set up. It looks a bit ridgid at the moment.

as far as the viewer taking in the information on the left, more often than not the video leader will be paused so that the details can be written down.

Thanks again.

I didn’t see the video when I first posted. Very good looking.

typo is fixed, I will now have a look at the armature that makes the “tv stand” if I add a couple of empties in the middle of the armature, It should act more like a snake.