Steam Engine

I’ve been working on this for about a week and I’ve got to that point where you know you’re not finished but you don’t know what to do so i thought I’d post it here

using LuxRender for this one, sort of my first real project with it

i’m trying to get this one finished in the next 10 days so any help is greatly appreciated :smiley:

so here is a clay render and some reference images


Dude that is insane!! How did you make that in only a week?

mostly because for this past week i haven’t had anything else to do so just work on this most of the day

Cool, coming along fine.

Great model! Looking forward to the rest :slight_smile:

Nice: a train! That is refreshing: so many race cars around…
Keep it up !

i added more of the tubes going along the right side of the train and put the whistle on it


This is great. My two-year-old son would LOVE this. He devours all things train. I’ll have to follow your lead and try my hand at modeling one.

Are you planning on animating it?

well here’s another clay render, can’t think of what i changed it it but it is clearer

@MikeImken glad to here that your son likes this sort of stuff. I’m not planing to animate this one, i did rig the piston and wheels but that’s probably as much animation as i’ll be doing with it


Boy. That’s good. I’ve always wanted to model a steam engine.

here’s a link to a video of the rigging

added some quick materials to it, i’ll put up a better render in the morning


wow, this is something I avoided, thinking it would be a real pain to do. Fantastic work.

here’s a clearer render


been doing a little more work on materials


another render

please give me some sort of criticism on this if you feel like it just try to rip it to pieces


some more material work


looks good to me, only thing i can spot in modeling is that the cylinder thing just behind the very first wheels is a bit wrong. It looks like the top of it should be square not cylindrical. And the boiler tank has rings around it, i guess those are weld points?
Other than that, just make some environment maybe to better present the model.
What render engine are you using?

just fixed that hadn’t seen it before, i think i’ll put the rings on with some texture sometime today
going to start on the environment today
i’m using LuxRender for this one, first time with it so a lot of learning

Really nice model, I love trains especially steam locomotives. The only problem I see is that the track isn’t realistic, or are they just place holders. Do you plan to add textures with weather effects?