Steam Locomotive

Hello Blenderartists!

It’s quite nice and cozy place to be, so I gonna leave my wip in here for you to critique:wink:
Its first time I’m doing such a big project of my own, so I do really need some advices.
The first idea was to create just a model, but after a while I’ve decided to create enviroment as well.
Right now I’m at first stage when the model is ready, but there are some difficulties I’ve stumbled across such as glass/light in the cabin. Literally I have no idea how to make it look good.
Well, anyways see it for yourself!

Thanks in advance!

UPD: added some mist and little bit of smoke

here is a little update: passenger coach
also still trying to figure out render passes composition, lighting and everything else in the scene :crazy_face:


Excellent work… hope you animate some time.:smiley::+1:

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oh no, i guess i won’t survive animating it :sweat_smile:

Hey! Nice model so far! :smiley:

If you don’t want to bother with modeling the interior, you could maker the window dirty and just add some basic details and lights inside too create the illusion of a detailed interior.

What kind of environment do you want to create?


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No, I won’t bother with interior, coz it is way to complecated and will take tons and tons of time to finish.
so yeah, i guess some procedural smudges and dirt on windows will do, that is as i see it.

well, im considering two oprions: 1) a train station obviosly, late night kinda stile, and 2) is also some night scene in mountains, with snow and stuff :smiley:

but im not sure, coz i don’t have much experience creating enviroment

9/10 Model, Very good

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Thanks for your reply!

Very nice. I particularly like the oily reflections. Did you do that with lighting or your shader?

it is shader, i aimed to make it almost all procedural

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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FYI … take another very close look at steam locomotives and exactly how they handled the piston-rods. Your engine as depicted would be stuck on top dead center. The piston, whether it moved forward or backward, could not compel the wheels to rotate in any direction.

Since it obviously would be impossible to manually move a massive engine by hand to resolve the problem should it occur, locomotives were carefully designed so that it couldn’t.

Your model, by the way, is very fine indeed! But, as they say, “the devil is in the details.” :slight_smile:

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Why not somethig like this :

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Yeah, I know there are some flaws with that piston connecting to the wheels. I couldn’t find any better references of that exact locomotive though. My first thought was to animate it, but now, I changed it, and it would be a still image, also biggest part of wheels will be covered by an apron, so… I guess that problem won’t be visible:sweat_smile:
Anyways, thanks for pointing that out, I agree with you that details are very important!

Ammm, I’m still working on apron, so I’m not entirely sure what environment will be, but thanks for an idea, that pic looks great! :blush:

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oh, that was rather unexpected! but thanks!:relaxed:

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