steam-powered piano(organ?)

(gecko) #1

It (nearly) sounds like an organ, but is as small as a piano!

Want to play on it?

(BgDM) #2

WOW! Great image. Only suggestion would be to scuff up the steam hoses. They are way too clean.

Excellent work.


(S68) #3

Very nice :slight_smile:

But if that wheel rotates piano will get destroied…


(basse) #4

good stuff. I love machinery… old especially.


(VelikM) #5

Nice! The hoses could use some texture though.

(bmax) #6

lovely. i really like the style and the soft lighting. it really looks like an old photograph, its very nostalgic.

(Jamesk) #7

Very nice concept! I’d beef up the texture on the piano…