Steam punk- Hot air balloon

Ok this is something i have been meaning to do do for a while… For those of you who have read the book ‘Mortal Engines’ you may be familier with the cover art which depicts the two main characters flying in a hot air balloon chasing after the city of London. (the british version anyway)
this is the cover art.

here is what i have started

Comments about it and stuff please.

nice start, no c&/c yet! :slight_smile:

I have some. It’s probably just nitpicking, but the top-lip should definitely not have that diametre. Look, the slop in the picture is much more noticeable, and it gets a fair bit smaller than what you have at the top. The foot, conversely, looks a bit too small. Only a wee bit, though. 4-5 extra inches to the radius would probably do nicely, and it looks like you should extend the dome the foot is on down a little.

no! you picked the worst cover! The cover artist didn’t even draw the airship right - i never got over that. lol sorry just my opinion. otherwise its a great start. It’ll be good to see where you get with this one, even if the cover art was wrong. :stuck_out_tongue:


ok i might change the bottom of the gondla a bit…

I can’t actualy remember, it’s a long time since i read it. But I think you are right, i dont remember it being described in the book as a hot air balloon. But i realy like the drawing.

Does anyone know if it is possible to have the springs/suspension on the bottom animated? I mean so that i can drag a slider from 0%(spring fully extended) to 100% (spring fully contracted) Also are there any tutrorials out there on making springs (visualy)


I found one tut on springs, not sure if it is what you wanted, but hey I try
Just scroll down a ways and you should find it.

Thnks ninja, there’s some useful stuff there. I’ll try and work on the shock absorbers a bit tommorow ( or at least learn how to make helexs properly)

Also gondla bottom lip has been widened. Will post more pics when i have done more.

…looking a bit more balloony. Not sure about size or shape of bladder though…


A quick google image search shows what you should need to get it right. linky
Basically, a lot bigger. Smaller at the bottom then the top.
Lookin good so far. :slight_smile:

I’ll have a play around with the shape of the bladder some time. I don’t think it should be the same shape as a normal one… a bit more round. But you are right, it needs to be bigger.