Steampunk Competition

Hi guys! I’m participating in a competition for BlenderGuru now. Ever since i can remember, Andrew Price has been my greatest idol in my fields of modeling and animation, and it’s finally my time to shine. The theme is Steampunk, which most of you know what stands for since it’s quite a popular term in today’s world of sci-fi/fantasy. My idea is to go for a balloon at first. I will go for more detail later. This is my sketch so far.



Most recent render

Here’s another

Aaand again

It’s interesting and doesn’t fit what so ever.

That’s a hot air balloon right? Where’s the “hot air” and/or flame to get it going?

It literally looks like the top half of a somewhat Cinderella sort of carriage from the original cartoon movies and that’s about it. Hanging in the middle of the air on an obvious sky-dome background.

The engine to support it was to be attached to the mesh shortly. In fact, i am currently working on it. The background is fake and i completely realize that. It’s just a placeholder and i will make clouds for the final scene. It’s quite obvious that it’s still on it’s beginning pages. Steampunk calls for intricate designs, such as gears, pipes, levers, ribbons, etc. and none has been added to it yet. I don’t expect to be done anytime soon with this project as I will work on it until i hit perfection, or fail trying. I asked for feedback on the process that i’m taking as of now, not, in any way, as a finalized product. My plans for this work is greater than a Cinderella story adaptation, and i will try my best to prove that. Thanks for pointing my mistakes out though; i needed the push to get on to working on this more attentively.