Steampunk flying ship

I must say, the shape of the banner does not allow me to do justice to this image, but it is terrific nonetheless, and hopefully people will click on it to get a better look.

YAY congrats dude on getting the banner!!! I was waiting for this!!

Well there ya go. I just clicked it, and I’m glad I did. Amazing render. Love the bird.

I like it!

looks much better without the banner crop

render time for the shot?

This is really good, and the lighting is superb, seriously when I saw the banner I thought it may be just another photoreal render from Lux.:spin:

WOW! great job & amazing model
5 stars

Yes!!! Finally!!! This so deserves the banner it finally got!!! Congrats Lux87!!!


wow, very nice keep it up!!

wow i can’t belive it!!! amazing!! never hoped to go on the banner!! i’m sooo happy!!!

@RH2: something like 1.30h because of the area lights in the scene!

Wonderful work!!

congratulations for the banner!!
the bird is a touch of magic… :smiley:

Congrats on the banner dude!
The image made me chuckle…

nice work man!

great job too bad for walking and flying…

thank you all!!:smiley:

Congratulations, awesome modeling!

Your the best,you know what you’re doing:D
Why isn’t our world like that?WHY!?

Wonderful work :slight_smile:
Just a side comment: there is no indication (like a human being or whatever) to figure out the scale of the scene, so we don’t know if it’s a toy model or a 300m ship.

thank you!! TheCroc you are too kind!

for greg, it is supposed to be big as a car i suppose, maybe a little bit smaller. if you see in the first page at the end there is 2 images of the model whit a different wiew where you can see the inside of the model, it’s easier to understand the size of the model! :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’m just learning GIMP and it is a really good tool for post render work.
At first it was a little rough on the Mac, but it is working fine now that I know what I have to do.
Really nice pic, Lots of hours there I can see.