Steampunk - Myths & Legends CGChallenge: Who's in?

I just saw that the 3d image still has to be done January 12th. That sucks. 8 weeks to do that kind of detail is almost impossible for me. I have to make 2 characters and practically nothing else to make it on time.

Maybe I should join just for the heck of it :stuck_out_tongue: I do love the theme. Although I propably lack the skill xD. I made this when I heard about the contest

I think I will attempt it. I have a great vision: The gates of troy, from an angle above the wall, so you can see both sides, the defensive steampunk weapons on the wall, and the steampunk siege weapons of the greeks in the distance. It will not be a battle scene though, as It will depict a moment of silence in the war, when the greeks left a massive mechanical steam powered horse in front of the gates. I really don’t know If I have the skill to pull it off though.

Edit: bottom. I just looked at some entries and somebodies already doing a steam trojan horse. Will have to come up wiht something else.
Edit: I have changed my concept and am doing a scene with a steam powered ‘sling-o-matic’ called Dave 300, positioned in front of the giant foot of Goliath.

Steampunk is interesting, but I didn’t know it was this much of a hot button subject, I’m not entering though, though I do know it usually involves a lot of gears and steam and wood.

Don’t even bother replying to this Bigbad, you’ll just want to trash me, in fact, don’t even bother replying to any threads I make that’s even about my work.

Thank you if you comply.

Don’t worry about the originality. There are going to be probably thousand of entries and not everyone can be unique.

I might join in , if I get writers block with my game. Nice to take a break sometimes and play with something new.

i’d join. i took mechanical drawing last year (BIG MISTAKE) so i learned a few things about mechanical engineering. it also taught alot about CAD drawing. however, i don’t think i’d actually be able to model something so complex…

hmm… then again… i need to look up a few myths and legends first. :slight_smile:

edit: I KNOW! I’LL DO THE TROJAN HORSE! :smiley:

count me in :slight_smile:
ill be making a steampunk cyborg… guess which one im talking about :cool:


I am! I’m not sure what my subject will be, but I’m going to try to compete.

I might have changed my mind, that was fun for a couple of days though, with the technical stuff.

Would the Chupacabra be considered a legend or myth? In y’alls opinion

got myself a WIP thread here: