Steampunk - Myths & Legends CGChallenge: Who's in?

So who’s in?

220 000 dollars in prize money and a very cool theme this year.

Also that I find is very good is that there is so many categories now that you could win on.

  • Modeling.
  • Texturing.
  • Animation.
  • Lighting.
  • Visual Effects.
  • Landscape/Matte Painting.
  • Art Direction.
  • Compositing and Editing.
  • Best Character.

Anyways I’m in.:smiley:

I enjoy viewing the visuals of this genre . . . so I will click on the link often.

hummm… maybe, it suits my skills very well.

I’d love to, but I’m just finishing up a Steampunk ATAT for the HMC#17.

Maybe. I do like the style more and more…

Jeepster is preparing to whip some ass.


until a few days ago, I have not even known the work “steampunk” even exists.
But what I find fascinating is that there are many chances to win XSI7

It would be a dream to win that :slight_smile:

Jeez… Look at the huge list of prices.

Maybe Ton should have tried to enter the sponsors list and each winner gets additionally the newest version of Blender. Would have been some great marketing. :smiley:


I will ask the wife’s permission, she’s been looking at a new pair of shoes, this could get expensive.

Anyone got a hint to a tutorial on how to make mechanical parts?

It’s huge. Haven’t looked through it much yet. - same authour, much more of the same stuff including video.

I’m in:)

Wonder if they are sticklers for “steampunk” , or if they will let any idiot glue a bunch of gears, and garbage to another object, and call it Steampunk like on BoingBoing.

BenDansie: Thanks a lot. That will help. I hope you will join, you’re an awesome talent.

Jeepster: You did a very cool terminator. I will see you at the battlefield and destroy you. :smiley:

The Oracle: Don’t worry how it will look. The judges will determine who will win.

Falk: Cool story.

This is my thread at cgtalk.

Cheers bigbad. I’ve had a word with the rest of Montage Studio and I think we are all really wanting to enter but all looking at our schedules to ‘make’ time. Amongst other things, the others have studies that are building up and I start a new job next week (retail gruntwork, but it has many more hours than my last one).

The only way we could do a team entry I think is via a video piece, which we would love to spend weeks on, but it’s stills or nothing I think.

I have a bit of a history with not finishing contest entries. Last one I can remember finishing was a celeb sculpting one at I got fairly close this year with the Blender F1, till my appendix exploded. Even now, I think my Blending Life entry is way too far behind to finish. For the contest anyway.

Still - steampunk theme and all those prizes…

BenDansie:You have some time to finish this up. 10 November 2008 - 03 February 2009. One hour a day will give you at least 60 hours of work. You can make a lot in 60 hours. 20 hours of modeling, 20 hours of texturing, 20 hours rigging and set up, 4 hours compositing.

You can do it.

If more blenderheads join this challenge the more fun it will be. It would surely make me more happy. Now we have the smoke and fluids. We can make clouds, water simulation and many other cool stuff.

Also it would be cool if you posted your cgtalk challenge thread here.

I am in too. First I will finnish my Blending Life entry and then I am all open for the Steampunk. Right now I am looking for theme - I will probably make a Golem from czech legends. Main point will be in storytelling, so I plan to use more time in concept and composition phase. I will use Blender and GIMP.

My WIP (I will be posting there as soon as Blending Life will end):

I wish luck to all BlenderArtists, which will enter this contest. (As someone said:) Let the Blender force be with you :).

I have always enjoyed this style. Maybe I will give my silly fish (from 2002) an update! :slight_smile:

Ciao for now!


I’d love to enter this contest but I’m drawing a complete blank on ideas.
I need to work on Blending Life for now, then maybe I can shake an idea out of my grey matter.


For inspiration, here is a short with character design made by art students :slight_smile:
Really professional for me!