Steampunk ring

Made this by inspired of a photo:

Beautiful! I’d propose to someone with it…

I love Steampunk stuff, always has a kind of “edge” to it, never too smooth, always very soft and calm colours. No vibrant Blues or Greens.

Love it, great style, excellent modelling.

One guess on the rendering engine: Octane.

Very nice. Beautiful render.

Awesome! It is cycles render?

Thanks guys! :smiley:
Render is Cycles.

This is excellent :slight_smile:

welldone! I really like the design :slight_smile:

really nice this, like the concept, and really well done.

Thanks, but design is not mine, I perform only modeling texturing and rendering. All design stuff goes to “catherinetterings”

Wow man, thats very nice. Very nice.

Amazing, truly photo-realistic!

And may I ask how you did that copper? I’m also working on a steampunk project, but comparing my copper to yours, makes me realize that mine looks like crap :smiley:


Just mix with glossy and diffuse shader, image of scratches used for masking. Thats it.

Beautiful Model and a really lovely looking render!

Excellent…great job :wink: !!!

Absolutely gorgeous render, I love the materials on the metallic area of the ring:3