Steampunk UFO

Hi all ! This is my final entry for the Yafaray winter contest 2012, " Birth of a New Era" theme. The idea is that an engineer of the 19th century saw a UFO in the sky, long before the Wright brothers’ first airplanes. Saying that this must be the best way to fly, he decided to reproduce this flying machine with the technology of his day, that’s why a Steampunk UFO.
All was made with Blender 2.62 & Yafaray 0.1.2 beta 3, no post compo with PS or Gimp, only postpro with the Yafa passes and nodes compositor. Hope you’ll like it.

wow great image… I have just one critique, maybe some melted snow (water) on the floor can improve the image quality.

Thanks! That’s right, actually, there’s lot of thing to do to improve my work ( specially the ground) but postpro was not allowed and I accorded it few time ( done in emergency :slight_smile: ), but I’m quite happy !

this is great, I love steampunk :slight_smile:

@Riofranco, Great Image! I really like it. There was one thing I’d critique but since you say it’s done I’ll just shut up.

I really like the landing gear and the stair railing is nice a nice touch too.


Wow, the UFO model is superb (design, model and particularly the textures). Maybe the overall color balance is a bit too bland but i guess it fit better with the “winter” theme.

This is great. It’s like the sort of ship I’d imagine that you would find invading Arcanum, the steampunk RPG.

I really like this. Great concept

the concept is really good and the mod too!

Great theme to combine with a flying saucer! I always like steampunk stuff. Excellent work!!

Personally I think the beam and hydraulic combo attaching the landing supports looks a bit thin and should be thicker. Just my opinion. :eyebrowlift2:

Awesome work dude and great render, minus comments above. :wink:

Thanks all for your comments ! Yafas can vote now here:
Yafa rocks, support it ! I guess it could become the free Vray-like !

Nice picture, beautiful texturing for the ufo.