Steampunk:World War II

I’ve just got a wild idea…What if one of the great battles of WW 2 would be recreated in Blender,but with Steampunk/Cyberpunk atmosphere.I mainly think of tank battles,because my rigging knowledge still sucks,and I want to learn mechanical rigging.I am gonna think about this project,because it would take up a huge amount of time,and I’ve never finished any of my past works.If anyone has got an ideas about this or wants to help,just comment.
Of course I don’t think about a whole short movie,only an 1,5-2 minute trailer of some kind.
So please tell me if this concept is interesting or bad;)


Why don’t you make a transformer of an old [Tiger tank]( :slight_smile:

Whoa,that would be cool,although it most likely exceeds my modelling skills:D

On a second thought…this project would be a bit too big for me right now(I will have a language exam a month later),but I will definitely do it maybe next year.I am working on something steampunk right now,when it will become a fully evolved idea,I will post it.Also sorry for not finishing my plane,but I realized that many parts of the mesh were a mess,because of that unwrapping,texturing would be very hard,and correcting them would be longer than remodelling the whole plane.I will pay attention to topology in my later projects.