Steampunk World

Hello !

This is my last projet, a steampunk world.

My original concept (I’m not a good 2D artist ^^)

The 3d model :

And the final scene :

HD :

I dit a short compositing breakdown :

I hope you like it and sorry for my english (I’m french)


Awesome!!! Great composition and the ship is excellent!!! Keep up the amazing work!:yes:

Great work. Well done.

Cool image.

Nice work! You would have been a finalist if you had entered the recent competition I think :slight_smile:

I love the mood you’ve created with the bright back-lighting. It’s like a new warm dawn of promise in a world of gritty machinery.
The spectator in the bottom left is a nice touch, too.

Impressive ! I’m a fan of steampunk universes, I love the ship.

Nicely done.

The composition video gave me a much better idea of how you put it together.

Very good image! I love the texturing of the ship.

This is really nice inspiring work Syblend. Reminds me of Treasure Planet of Disney.


Excellent!! I love it!! :cool: :cool:

Bravooo, m speechless… awesome details… :yes:

Well i think your 2d image is nice as well… Like the mood and the style of the 3d image. Dont be shy :wink:

Somehow it looks japanese to me :spin: Most be the sails at the back of the ship, they sort of remind me of those traditional fishing boats

Amazing! Great atmosphere and lighting. Well done!

Nicely done Quentin, congrats for the header.

Really nice! I love the heavy compositing too!

Wow ! Thank you for all your comments and the header !!! :slight_smile:

Excellent boulot (work).

Really nice. Look forward to seeing more stuff from you :smiley:

Сela est merveilleux! :smiley: