Step by Step Modelling Tutorial??

Hi @ all,for my Planet Rendering i want to modell a little Starship.Got anyone good Tips/Links for Tutorials? Step by Step possible…I´m a Newbie at moddelling :expressionless:

Thanx & Greets _____________Blendworker
P.S. sorry for my bad english

You may want to download some of these star ships…

Take a look at them and see how they are constructed.

When I model something, I always star with a flat plane.

Try extrudeing multiple vertices (E-Key)
Create squares (or quads), and avoid triangles.

Try Ctrl+LeftMouseButton too

Hi Spin,thanks a lot…I`ve made from the same Hp the Planet Rings-Tutorial :stuck_out_tongue: .I hear it often :The golden Rule for Modelling is:Squares/Quads are good …Triangles are bad

Greets ______Blendworker