Stepped Field landscape project

Hi, I just finished this landscape project, used GeoScatter for the scattery stuff, TrueSky for the misty bits and some AmbientCG textures along with a few simple ones I made. Precedent image below.

Mists sure can be fussy… how great woud it be if there was an option in Blender to actually erase areas of mist volumes manually.

Come to think of it I wouldn’t be at all suprised if there already is and I just don’t know about it… if anyone knows of a way by all means please share!

Blender Render:

Precedent image:


Beautifull! I prefer the light of the second one!

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Looks good! Great job on recreating that photo.

I think this render could use some post-processing to match the precedent image more. I tried this in photoshop and here’s the result:


Very impressive! Congratulation

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Your photoshop skills are clearly better than mine! Can you give me a general rundown on what you did? This mist looks way better in your version. Feel free to DM me if you prefer, really hoping to hear from you on this

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First off all I added a camera raw filter to the image and adjusted stuff there (like making the grass yellow-ish etc.), that got me 90% of the way there. I also desaturated the sky.
Then I add a gradient on the top half of the image and turned the opacity down. That’s basically all I did.

Here’s the photoshop file if you want: (can’t post it here since there’s an upload limit)

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Hey thanks for the response! That’s really interesting, I had initially had this thing a lot more desaturated but chickened out on that. Really appreciate the input thank you again and thanks for the file.

I just reposted this on insta btw, tagged you there.

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No worries, glad to help! Yes I saw your post on insta :slight_smile:

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Agreed me too