Steps on completing a model...

Hello, I’ve been learning how to model, rig and some other things… but I wanted to complete a model that I already tried but I got stuck. :c So this model I’m talking about it’s a gun, it’s the only model I got so far with, but I think I forgot some steps.
First, can someone tell me the steps to make all the maps (normals, high and all that)?
Do I need to do the unwrap before doing subdivision?
Is it possible to export textures from material? (hand painting in Blender)
What do you need of a model to be game ready? (I heard it needs to be Low-poly :/)

I’m going to post some renders of my model in some moments. (I’m trying to improve my “rendering” “skills” xD)

Thanks :smiley:

Some pictures of my model, I don’t know too much about rendering nor texturing, I’m still learning…

Another model from the same “project”:

By the way, is there a button on this forum to make “spoilers”? I mean, you can hide some thing, and when u press a button it shows…

Now, the images should be working. I don’t know why they weren’t working because I used the forum “uploader”.


The images aren’t showing up in your post, if you weren’t aware:


I’m not sure if they are working…
First model:
Second one:

Sorry for all the mess.

Please, can anyone help me.

So, your into game development. So am I. First, what is your game engine of choice? What visual style are you going for? Answering these would help me help you.

Yeah, for now I’m using Unity because I think is the best noob friendly, free and It’s enough for what I want. Visual style? what do you mean by that?

PD: btw, are the pictures visible now?

All your images are visible.

By visual style I mean - realistic or cartoonish?
Is it first/third person, top down?

First person, mmh, a bit realistic, but not too much.

I’m sure there are plenty of video tutorials about it, but here is a basic workflow:
1, Model the gun as detailed and realistic as you can, don’t worry about polycount.
2, Texture it
3, Create a low-poly version of your gun - what counts as low-poly havily depends on the target hardware
4, Bake the high-poly gun to the low-poly gun
you most likely need to bake a
-diffuse (color) map
-normal map
-cavity map (short-ray ambient occlusion)
(could be converted from the normal map)
-specular map
and you could need more
Do you use the standard PBR Shader?

Thanks a lot for helping me, Is the only way to texture it unwraping and using cs6, or I can do it as a material? (hand painted I think it’s the name of this).
Do I need the low poly version? Because in one of my models, I already applied the subdivision modifier…
For all the maps, I can look how to to them thanks. What is PBR Shader?

If you want your game asset to have textures, you have to unwrap it whether or not they are hand-painted. You don’t have to unwrap it if you only want to paint on vertices or apply a material with only a uniform color without textures.

What counts as low-poly/high-poly depends on a lot of things: targeted hardware, how far is it from the camera…

What is PBR? Don’t ask such a general stuff. Google it.

And read the Unity documentation, and ask for help on Unity forums, you gonna get a lot of help there.

So, I’m going to look a lot of tutorials on how to texture via unrwrap.

Sorry for the PBR thing, I just woke up when I wrote that and I was plain lazy.

There is an alternative to unwrapping - tri-planar mapping - but it is more resource-intensive, and advanced stuff. So, if you’re a starter and don’t know what you’re doing, stick with UV mapping.

Well I took a model I already started, for this one I saved a low poly version without applying any modifier and I made the textures, I used the ambient occlusion map to make the textures, and It’s not so bad.
The metal textures are not so good, but is the best way I could do it :confused:
I searched on how to do diffuse map, and I couldn’t find…

1, You didn’t mention your target platform: PC/console, mobile? It’s really relevant.
2, Is that gun in the image your most detailed model about it? Cause if so and you did it right, it’s waaay low poly enough. What’s the triangle count? Post a blend file.
3, About diffuse/color/albedo map: “I couldn’t find…” - What? I mean WHAT? Are you kidding me? That’s the most basic texture, it gives the base color to your model.
4, What reference images are you using?

5, Modeling a gun for an FPS, that seems to me the most cliche thing to do, can’t you find any (and I mean ANY?!) tutorial about it you could follow? There has to be a lot.

The model I’m working now with is this one:
This one is very low poly, I had a high poly version, but the textures were messed up I had luck I saved a version without modifiers.

I’m going to subdivide it now.
reference images:

I know there is a lot of work to do with the textures and the model.

The project is for PC, and the gun I didn’t followed a tutorial… I did it on my own, it seemed like a good object to start with.

And here the texture:

But I don’t know how to enhance them, I’ll continue looking for tutorials.

That texture is horrible, You didn’t unwrap the mesh correctly. You can visualize the stretch in the UV/Image editor: press N and check the stretch box. It’s only good if you see only dark blue or at most some bright blue, but I bet you’ll see a lot of green and yellow. Google unwrapping tutorials.

And there’s no point in subdividing a textured model, you would just ruin it, so if you want to make better geometry do it before texturing.

For the record: you should only change the geometry of a textured model if it has only tile-textures.