Hello Blenderheads! ok, i know i am not asking a question, but telling an answer that someone out there wants… i think

well, i have always thought stereographs were awsome, and i figured out how to make them in blender/photoediting program.

first render your scene-try to make it small, it’s easier to do a stereograph that way

then move the camera a small incriment

render it again

in a photo editing program (i/e gimp, photoshop) add both images and put them side by side.

get a 3X5 card or something like that and put it between the pictures

put your nose up to the card, focus on the pictures,

and voila!



p.s. i would also love to see someone else’s stereograph of a complex scene, i suck at blender but love playing with 3d principals :smiley:

yeah, stereograph images have been made before. back when was up somebody made one showing some airplanes and it was in the CJ. hmm… does anybody happen to have the CJs archived?